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How to choose a puppy

How to choose a puppy

Acquiring a dog - this is the only way to buy genuine love, loyalty and dedication for the money.

If you are ready to take responsibility for fluffy and cute toddler, who after some time will grow and turn into an adult dog, you can attend to choosing a puppy.



Buying a puppy does not suffer rash decisions. The first thing you should decide for what purpose you get a pet. Some people take it as a security guard for the house, the other - a companion for hunting, and others - as a being capable to fill the aching void in my heart and brighten up the loneliness.

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Determine the place of purchase. Do not buy a puppy in the poultry market. More often than not they sell purebred dogs or mongrels in the guise of a thoroughbred. But this is not the worst. In the market it is impossible to objectively assess the state of health of the animal, to make assumptions about his character and habits.

If you do not care breed and character,go to the nearest animal shelter. Volunteers are happy to show you all the dogs will get acquainted with them, talk about the fate and customs of each of them. Those people who basically want to take a purebred puppy should be guided only by breeders.

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Find and read all the available carefullyinformation on the Internet about the desired breed. For example, Pekingese love the peace and order, Labradors require constant physical activity and exercise, poodles easy to train, they are amazingly copy the behavior and many of the actions of their masters.

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If you plan to ever knit with dogin order to obtain offspring, read the feature of the breed. Even imperceptible departure from the exhibition standards will significantly reduce the price of a purebred puppy.

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When you come to choose a puppy, trykeep a tight rein on his emotions. Each puppy is depending on the breed touching, cute, defenseless and very funny. But the dog - this is not a toy, it will require you to care and daily attention. Watch the puppies at the shelter or from a breeder.

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Look to the puppies mother. If it is short, and the tail tends to hide under your appearance, a lot of chances that offspring will grow in her cowardly. But the manifestation of too exuberant joy - too bad. Chances are good that puppies and even when turned into an adult, will enjoy every passer-by on the street, literally throwing himself at his feet. Normal reaction to the appearance of an adult dog stranger next to her cubs - cautiously raised ears stand straight, interested gaze.


With puppies, you can perform a simple test tomake assumptions about the future of their relationship with the owner. Put the dog on his back, holding his hand on his chest for about 30 seconds. If your dog tries to escape by all means, do not neglect your teeth, then he has the makings of a leader. Strong spirit and persistent dogs usually wriggle, move legs, but then recognize human leadership. The timid and obedient puppies will not resist at all, and will be expectantly for you to watch.


It is also important to assess the state of health of the puppy.
- Do not take a dog younger than 7-8 weeks.
- The nose should be cool and wet, slimy bright pink, teeth clean, without visible defects.
- Fluffy, a brilliant, pure wool - a good sign.
- Eyes puppy should be clean, clear. Look, if not flushed the third eyelid, whether inflammation.
- The ears should be clean and free of odor. If your dog is constantly scratching his ears or shaking his head with his paw, then he has an infection or a tick.
- Do not take too thick or too thin puppy.
- Belly little puppy should not be overly inflated (this is the first signs of the presence of worms and malnutrition).


After you select a puppy, take him to thevet. Let the expert will make inspection and make vaccination schedule. If you suddenly got an unhealthy dog ​​or a dog with some mental or physical disabilities, the veterinarian is obliged to report it. Purebred puppy in this case it is better to return the breeder, however, the opportunity to return and specify the criteria required in advance.

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