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How to choose a printer


How to choose a printer</a>

Buying a printer for your home or office, you shouldRemember that the extension or updating of the functionality for this device is impossible - so you should clearly understand in advance which type of printer is necessary to fully satisfy all your needs.

For example, if you assume that in the futureYou will need to print documents in A3 format, do not buy a standard A4 printer, or sooner or later you will have to buy a second printer. Even before buying a printer, you need to determine the amount that you are willing to spend on servicing this device and consumables for it. And, of course, before buying a printer, it is important to clearly articulate future tasks & mdash-that is, to understand what exactly and how often you will be typing.

Of course, for the home is much more likely to buyPrinters of standard format А4 (297 on 210мм). For offices, both A4 printers and A3 & mdash printers are purchased, given the possible need to print drawings or posters. To properly select a printer, pay attention to its resolution. The resolution of printers for normal printing ranges from 300 to 600 dpi (dots per square inch horizontally and vertically). To print high-quality photos, you must select a printer whose resolution is at least 1200 dpi.

It is also necessary to determine in advance the typePrinter that you plan to purchase. Inkjet printers are relatively inexpensive, the simplest of them imply the existence of a three-color ink tank, but more often you can see inkjet printers with four ink tanks (they fill in the colors of yellow, cyan, magenta and black). Unfortunately, inkjet printers are rather uneconomical & mdash-their inkwells will need frequent refueling.

Laser printers are more expensive than their inkjet printersAnalogues, but the cost of their maintenance is much lower. Laser printers work on a different principle & mdash; in them, the colorant adheres tightly to the paper at the heating site. Therefore, by purchasing a cartridge for a laser printer for almost the same price as a refilled inkjet cartridge, you can print ten times as many sheets with it. And the quality of printing a laser printer is higher. In addition, the laser printer prints the text much faster than the inkjet printer. Usually, if there is no pressing need to print the material in color, you get a black and white laser printer & mdash- it costs much less than a color laser printer.

In some offices you can still seeMatrix printers are considered outdated. Their capabilities are extremely limited & mdash-printout can only be black and white. The print quality is not very high, and it works slowly and noisily. At the same time, it is the cheapest option for the printer from the point of view of purchasing, and in terms of service. If you buy a printer first in order to print photos on it, pay attention to special photo printers. They are quite expensive in service, since they imply the use of special paper, which is relatively expensive.

In any case, when buying a printer isPay attention to its characteristics, and the reputation of the manufacturer. Most often, both for the home and for the office are purchased printers of popular brands Epson, Cannon or HP. For offices often purchase MFP & mdash-multifunction devices, which are a combination of a printer with a copier and a scanner. Sometimes this saves space and money, but in most cases it's better to purchase these devices separately.

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