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How to choose a pot for girls

How to choose a pot for girls

Girls Schooling to the pot - not an easy task. Rapid implementation it depends on many different factors, the most significant of which is to increase the patience and attention of parents, baby desire to join the adult world and, of course, the convenience of the tool itself, ie, pot.

Choose a pot of really good for girls is not so difficult if you follow with a few simple rules.

A good pot for girls: selection rules

For girls is best to choose a pot round shapewithout any projections on the front. Only on such a product baby can sit up unaided and connecting legs freely. Pay attention to the fact that the child was sitting on the pot right, and his ass was not below the knee.
The size of the pot must be fully consistent withgrowth of the child. If you choose too large accessory ass baby will fall, and the girl is unlikely to want to sit on a pot over and over again. Uncomfortable to sit the child and too little product.

Avoid buying too white or light pot. This product will be very difficult to clean from dirt and stubborn stains.

Color pot for girls choose, in accordancewith their taste preferences or wishes of most of the future mistress of the product. Prefer bright patterns or pot with the image of funny animals, beautiful pictures or children's cartoon characters. Funny pictures are bound to attract the attention of the baby, and she was more than willing to sit down on the pot.
Pay attention to the surface of the pot togirls. It should be flat and smooth, without any cracks, dents and irregularities, which can not only injure the delicate skin of the baby, but also to be an excellent haven for germs and other harmful microorganisms.
Prefer pot with a lid for the girls. This detail will not only convenient complement to the Children's Accessories, but will retain all the odors inside.

Choosing pot for girls, prefer practical and functional model, rather than decorative.

Before you choose and buy pot for girlsensure its sustainability. Most often, children's resistance pots defined extension accessory base or presence of his special stand.

Where to buy a good pot for girls

Buy a pot for girls, as well as anyFacilities for children, it is better in specialized children's stores and departments, vendors who have all the necessary documents and certificates confirming the quality and safety of goods, the sale of which they are engaged.
On the shelves of modern children's shops can beto see a huge variety of all kinds of pots for girls, supplemented with light and music effects, made in the form of horses and dogs, equipped with a variety of game boards and other fun items. However, all these delights, according to experts, is not needed, because the pot in the first place should be the pot, not a toy.

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