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How to choose a portable radio

How to choose a portable radio

Radio - is a type of home appliance that combines tape and radio.

From bulky Stereo radio is compact, and from modern players - the presence of built-in speakers.

Most recorder looks very similar to eachother, but one option is easy to notice: the number of speakers. It determines the type of reproduction - in mono or stereo. The first type is inferior to the second as the audio. Most often there are two speakers, but in the most simple and inexpensive models it may be only one.


Ability to receive and playback signalradio is the main feature that distinguishes from conventional radio recorder. Models with extended range allows you to capture all the possible frequencies, such as VHF or FM, switching to the desired frequency on the fly. To search for the desired radio cassette recorder is equipped with a tuner, which can be digital or manual. The tuner of the first type is obsolete before the second series of advantages. Search for stations it performs automatically, choosing the most explicit signals without interference. In addition, the digital tuner can store in memory the necessary frequencies, which later may be included without re-search. The amount of such memory varies depending on model. Pay attention to it when you select the radio, if you memorize the most important functions of radio stations.

Support for the RDS radio can receive not only radio broadcasts, but also additional information - the name of the station, or a typical music genre for it can be displayed.


Compact portable recorder is onethe most important of its features, and therefore high power, this technique can not boast. However, even with the index of 10-20 watts for each of the two columns can be sufficiently sound quality, without significant interference even at high levels. Nevertheless, the radio with such power characterized by high price, so on a limited budget, you can stop the choice on the record of 5-6 watts.

Most radios do not cope with lowfrequencies - all the fault of the small size speakers. Therefore, music lovers with an abundance of bass it is important to pay attention to the presence of the special bass enhancement system.


Modern radio may not play soundaudio cassettes only but with a laser disc. Nevertheless, the ability to read MP3 files have not all models - cheap often limited ability to read standard music CDs with a small number of recorded tracks on them. The larger sizes will be able to recognize the player, the less audionositeley have to carry.

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