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How to choose a plot of land for home

How to choose a plot of land for home

The most important step before building a house is the choice of the site.

Sometimes, finding it much more difficult than to build a house on it, so the process should be taken very seriously and responsibly.

Legal nuances
Many are oriented at a shopping district onvalue, which depends on the location, and size of existing communications. The proximity to the city center makes the price higher, if the value of the land seems to be too attractive to look for the catch - mostly legal. For example, the site may be in dispute or the documents it issued incorrectly. In some cases, documents can be forged at all. These problems will have to decide the buyer, which can result in a huge amount. Before buying land all documents must check with the appropriate professional expertise. In addition, assistance may have neighbors who know best the situation in the region - from the disruption of electricity and water to the relationship with the local authorities.

The size, shape and the area where the land is located
area for the construction depends on thethe size of the house. The best option - land area 10 times larger than the area of ​​the house. If the financial capacity does not allow to buy a piece of land large size, it is necessary to proceed from the current needs: whether additional buildings, recreation areas, outbuildings. Some people prefer a small and comfortable house plot, but for someone's home is not complete without a garden.
Lot Shape promotes rapprochement with neighborsor far off from them, if desired. For example, the location of the house in the center of the large square area will create the illusion of seclusion from the world.
The area where the house is built, does not playminimal value. Forests, lakes and rivers will provide an opportunity for walking, picking mushrooms and berries. Clean air and scenic spots not only deliver the pleasure of living, but also enhance the value of the home at a future sale. But we must be prepared for rodents, wild animals and a lack of necessary communications in some cases.

Design ideas can hinder exercisebad landscape area with hills and valleys. They are good for landscaping, but can cause a lot of inconvenience during the construction of the house. The danger is the threat of flooding in the spring or in the rainy season, when the site is located in a valley.

What else to take into consideration
Be sure to pay attention toterm infrastructure development. Do schools, kindergartens, hospitals and shops? Perhaps supermarket nearby yet, but its construction has already begun. But it may be true that for food have to travel 10-15 km from the house.

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