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How to choose a player


DVD players have become ubiquitous</a>

It was a time when CDs and DVDs completely replaced all the once familiar VHS video cassettes. As a rule, DVD-players are an integral part of any house or apartment.

The popularity of these devices has caused high image quality and a sharp drop in prices over the years.

You will need

  • Accurate knowledge of the necessary parameters of the future DVD player.



The choice of a DVD player should start with checking the connectorsOn your TV. Make sure that your TV has "tulips", "SCART", "S-Video" or "HDMI" jacks. When buying a player, pay attention to those connectors that are on your TV.

How to choose a player


Also pay attention to the diagonal of the TV. The smaller the diagonal, the cheaper it is to purchase a DVD player. Ask why? The answer is very simple: more expensive players are able to display higher quality on the screen. If you have a TV with a diagonal of up to 25 inches, then do not watch a DVD player above the price of 1500 rubles. But if you have an "LCD" or "plasma" with a diagonal of over 27-29 inches, then it makes sense to choose a player of high price category. Keep in mind that it's better to check the DVD player in the same store on a TV, similar in parameters to yours.

How to choose a player


It is worth noting that to high qualityImages can perfectly add excellent sound quality. To fully enjoy it, you need to purchase sound equipment. Often, complete with a DVD-player comes a set of five-channel sound (speakers). Such a purchase is economically profitable - you get 2 in 1.

Also included karaoke support. For those who like to sing - it's a win-win option. In the segment of DVD-players with karaoke, the most popular models are Samsung and LG.

How to choose a player


Another positive (additional) factorIs the availability of the disk recording function. Recording is directly from the TV, as in older VHS-players. The price of a DVD player with this function is almost unchanged.

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