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How to choose a player

DVD-players have become ubiquitous

There was a time when the CD and a DVD-discs completely replaced all once familiar VHS tape format. Generally, DVD-players are an integral part of any home or apartment.

The popularity of these devices has caused high image quality and sharp drop in prices over the years.

You will need

  • Precise knowledge of the necessary parameters of the future DVD-player.



Selecting DVD-player should start with test socketson your TV. Make sure that your TV has a slot "Tulips», «SCART», «S-Video» or «HDMI». When buying a player pay attention to the connectors that are on your TV.

How to choose a player


Also note the diagonal of the TV. The smaller the size, the cheaper you can buy a DVD-player. Ask why? The answer is very simple: the more expensive players are able to display a higher quality. If you have a TV with a diagonal of 25 inches, it is not necessary to watch DVD-player above the price of 1500 rubles. But if you have "the LCD" or "plasma" with a diagonal of more than 27-29 inches, it makes sense to choose the player a high price category. Keep in mind that check DVD-player is better in the same shop on the TV, the parameters similar to yours.

How to choose a player


It should be noted that a high qualityimage it is possible to add the perfect sound quality. To fully enjoy it, you need to purchase sound equipment. Often, complete with DVD-player is a set of five-channel sound (speakers). Such a purchase is economically beneficial - you get 2 to 1.

Also included can be a karaoke support. For those who love to sing - it's a win-win. model «Samsung» and companies «LG» In the segment of DVD-players with karaoke most common.

How to choose a player


Another positive (additional) factoris the presence of the recording function drive. Recording takes place directly from the TV, both in outdated VHS-players. Price DVD-player if this function is not substantially altered.

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