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How to choose a picture

How to choose a picture

The interior of the apartment or house can not be considered complete until he has had "soul" - any picture or reproduction of a photo on the wall.

Several well located beautiful images can give the interior exactly the mood that you want.

The plot, its style and interior

Think about what the main function rooms,you want to hang a picture. The plot cloth and purpose of the room should overlap each other, so you will achieve harmony in the interior. For example, in the kitchen, you can hang the reproduction of still life with products in the baby's room - funny images in the style of the illustrations of fairy tales, but in the bedroom - something quiet and soothing.
Style picture and its color must also fit the interior of the room. The web may be a bit contrasting primary colors, but still lie in the same "color plane" with him.
If the interior is classic, do not choose tohis abstract and minimalist paintings. Likewise, it should refrain from painting realistic "old school", if your apartment is furnished with a high-tech.

The number of pictures and their size

Direct sunlight falling on the picture, will help to ensure that it will quickly lose its color.

If enough free walls, and they are in the room, onmostly occupied by cupboards, hang on the space pattern of medium size. For larger spaces, you can use the web giant, but keep in mind that the larger the picture the lower the visual volume of the room becomes.
Do not hang the same time small and largepaintings, one will seem too huge, and the other lost. Combining painting on the wall should be carefully: it is better that they complement each other in color and content, as well, were about the same size, or at least one "weight category".

Reproduction, photos or original?

To better organize separate paintings spotlights. This will place accents in the interior and emphasize the importance of the paintings.

Better looks the original picture, even if theit is not the artist is someone known in the art world. It is very important to the canvas in the first place, like you personally, caused any feelings. If the original picture is not enough money, then make a copy. It's better than a reproduction.
Choosing as painting photo, trackto ensure that it was printed with good quality, so that even when viewed up close there is no sensation blur and did not appear "pixels."
Be prepared to spend a choice of paintingsenough time. Usually, people pay much attention to the pattern on the wallpaper and the color of the sofas, and the paintings are less serious, even though the picture will ultimately determine the mood of the interior.

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