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How to choose a phone htc

How to choose a phone htc

Modern mobile phones are becoming more functional.

Annually, the company produces several dozen new models, in which it is difficult to understand.

HTC offers a Russian buyer a little more than 20 models of smartphones.

Mobile phones from HTC, you can choose on several parameters: the cost, the number of SIM cards, depending on the operating system, the screen diagonal, color and so on.
The first option - the cost. The minimum price at which you can buy the device from HTC is around 4 thousand rubles. For the same amount you can buy a good phone with the Android operating system, 3.5-inch, powerful enough processor, 8 active hours of work without recharging, a good picture and a gorgeous sound with headphones. For example, a good budget model will be the Desire 200.

HTC Windows Phone

Next budget model, dramaticallydifferent from the previous one, will cost 7000 rubles. Such is the price of HTC Windows Phone 8S, which is the operating system Windows Phone. This model is suitable fashionable girls and adolescents active, as the phone has a bright bottom or back panel: red, blue, white or yellow. This phone has a diagonal of 4 inches, a height of 12 cm and a thickness of 1 cm. It has a memory card slot, a good camera.

HTC Desire line

Several phone series have a HTC Desiretwo slots for SIM cards. This phone is often chosen by people who do not want to carry around multiple devices. The cost of such a device from HTC's range from 7 to 15 thousand rubles, depending on the model. However, their main advantage is the ability to use two phone numbers. Such models are the HTC Desire V, HTC Desire 601. They are working on the Android operating system has all the advantages of other phone line: a good sound, a picture, a battery with a large capacity and a strict design.

HTC's flagship

The flagship of the company is currentlyHTC One phone. It runs on the Android operating system, has a 4-core processor with a frequency of 2.3 GHz, which allows you to run multiple applications, play games, watch videos of good resolution without various freezes gadget. In the presence of a large screen with a diagonal of 5 inches, the amount of memory than 10 GB. This phone costs a lot more expensive than many of the models, but it is really powerful, ready to work for a long time, the manufacturer claims that it is possible to talk without charge up to 20 hours.
The smartphone has the original design, the thickness. Less than a centimeter, height about 15 cm This phone choose successful people, for which their aid is not just a phone, a piggy bank information: photos, important notes, music, documents and applications.

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