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How to choose a perfume

How to choose a perfume

Perfume - an important part of the female image.

The proper selection of perfume product will depend on the extent to get a harmonious way in general.

Types of spirits and their main characteristics

Many women imagine their lives withoutperfume use. The spirits give them confidence in their own irresistibility and help to attract male attention. Perfume products - a very common gift that women receive from their men. Many of the fair sex prefer to buy such products independently, focusing only on your own taste. This will be absolutely no harm to know some of the rules of selection of the desired flavor.
Coming in perfume shop, you must immediatelyalso determine the permissible price of the product category and its concentration. The most expensive perfume is considered. They are the most concentrated and the most resistant. Weaker concentration is eau de parfum, and most considered a mild and unstable toilet waters. To find out to what kind of category is a specific product imported, you must pay attention to the label on the bottle or cardboard box. The word "rarfum" means that this fragrance - Concentrated fragrance, the inscription «eau de rarfum" means that the vial is eau de parfum, «eau de toilette» - eau de toilette.
Choosing is exactly the kind of flavor thatIt is best suited for the price point and your destination. For example, for evening out and the cold season perfect perfume and eau de parfum. In the hot season it is best to use the toilet water.
World leader in the production of perfumeproduction is France. It is considered to be the French perfume quality. They differ from the cheaper flavors of its versatility. If funds permit, it is better to buy a small bottle of French perfume, the more cheap perfumes, which does not enjoy consumer demand.

Selection of fragrance based on individual characteristics

Determine the type of perfumery and cosmeticsproduct and price category, it is necessary from the representation of the diversity of flavors to choose the most suitable. It is known that brunettes and brown-haired fit more intense perfume with oriental, spicy, fruity notes. Blondes also fit a fresh, delicate, airy scents.
When choosing a perfume, and it is important to consider what timedays and where it involves a woman to wear them. In the evening, and the visiting quite appropriate heavier, sweetish perfume. To work, a country holiday, walks need to pick a neutral and discreet flavors.
In any case, you need your favorite perfumetest it for yourself. To do this they need to be applied to the skin, and wait some time. It is advisable not to make a purchase on the same day. We need to listen to their own feelings and observe how the fragrance will be revealed how much he would be persistent.

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