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How to choose a perfume

How to choose a perfume

It so happens that your favorite perfume in the store start to irritate after a few days of application. And sometimes even the smell of "sounds" different.

How to choose the right perfume?

And what to do, not to miscalculate?

What should be noted first of all

First we need to decide to whatthe time of year you are looking for a new flavor. For the winter is more suitable intense perfume with notes of bright and summer should give preference weightless, fresh spirits.
Second, the best buy perfume in goodperfume salon, and not on the market or in small stalls. As a rule, the specialized perfume stores a large selection of flavors all well-known manufacturers. In addition, if necessary you can ask the advice of the seller-adviser. Perhaps he will direct you to the correct stand.
Thirdly, choosing perfumes, should payattention to the markings on the bottle. If you see an inscription Parfum, you have in the hands of these persistent fragrance composed of several notes. If the bottle is written, Eau de Parfum, it means "Eau water." As is known, eau de parfum or "toilet spirits" are less resistant, but are much cheaper. Eau de Toilette means "toilet water", its cost is much lower spirits.

The Action Plan in the perfume department

Do not try to just a huge amountaromas. Women's Fragrances different variety and richness, however, sniffed a couple of flavors, you will not feel the difference between them. Do not believe that the smell of coffee beans allow you in a few seconds completely restore the sharpness of smell. It requires some time. If you just could not find what your looking for, it is better to leave the store and come back the next day, or even walk down the street for a few hours.
It is important to try all the perfume on your skin, since every human being a particular flavor sounds in their own way. This is due to the individual human body odor.
Most flavors consist of "morelayers ", so do not immediately inhale their scent after application. Give the perfume to open up. Choosing perfume for the first tangible note, it is not recommended. It quickly disappears. True connoisseurs choosing perfume on the "heart note". It is this aroma will create a fragrant trail around you. It and will feel the people around.
In addition, we should not look onlyThe "right" spirits. Assemble a collection of fragrances and apply them depending on your mood. Some also choose to pick up light fragrances for everyday use, and powdery or sweet for publication.

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