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How to choose perfume


How to choose perfume</a>

It happens that the spirits you like in the store begin to irritate after a few days of use. And sometimes the smell generally "sounds" quite differently.

How to choose the right perfume?

Also what it is necessary to do, not to lose?

What to consider first

To begin with, it is necessary to decide for whichThe time of year you are looking for a new fragrance. For winter, a rich perfume with bright notes is more suitable, and in the summer it should be preferred to weightless, fresh spirits.
Secondly, to buy perfume is best in goodPerfume salon, and not in the market or in small stalls. As a rule, in specialized perfume shops there is a wide choice of aromas of all known world manufacturers. In addition, if necessary, you can ask for advice from the seller-consultant. Perhaps he will direct you to the right booth.
Thirdly, when choosing spirits, it is necessary to drawAttention to the label on the bottle. If you see the inscription Parfum, you have in your hands a real persistent perfume, consisting of several notes. If the bottle says Eau de Parfum, it means "perfumed water". As you know, perfumed water or "toilet spirits" are less resistant, but are much cheaper. Eau de Toilette means "toilet water", its cost is much lower than perfume.

Plan of action in the perfume department

It is not necessary to try at once a huge amountAromas. Women's perfumes are diverse and rich, so, after sniffing a couple of fragrances, you will cease to feel the difference between them. Do not believe that the smell of coffee beans will allow you to completely restore the sense of smell in a matter of seconds. This requires some time. If you did not immediately find what you are looking for, it is better to leave the store and return the next day or at least walk along the street for several hours.
It is important to try all the perfumes on the skin, because on each person this or that fragrance sounds in its own way. This is due to the individual smell of the human body.
Most fragrances consist of "severalLayers ", so do not immediately inhale their fragrance after application. Let the perfume open. Choose perfume on the first tangible note is not recommended. It quickly disappears. Real connoisseurs choose perfumes according to the "heart note". It is this fragrance that will create a fragrant plume around you. It will be felt by people around.
In addition, do not look for a singleThe "right" spirits. Collect a whole collection of fragrances and apply them depending on your mood. Some also prefer to pick up light fragrances for everyday use, but powder or sweet ones for getting out.

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