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How to select panels for facades

One way to house facade lining arefacade panels. They are a solid panel made of different materials, having on its surface a certain texture that mimics a certain type of cladding.

Thus, the panel can simulate the texture of stone, wood or brick, have a smooth or rough structure, chopped or ribbed surface.

This method of gaining facadeand more popular in our country, as gives the building a presentable appearance, has a reasonable price, it can be easily mounted on the facade and does not require special maintenance or care.
Material panels and their assembly
Most encountered on the market frontThe panels are made of vinyl. Vinyl panels are simulated brick or stone, disposed on a plastic substrate. Such a substrate is attached to the building wall using screws and dowels as a conventional vinyl siding. Cutting vinyl panels made using the conventional construction of the knife, which is also easier to work with the material.
Also vinyl panels, there are panels,made of natural materials: crushed stone or fine sand. These panels are also attached to the anchors. The basis for such a panel is a steel or aluminum grille, giving the panel a special strength. The panels are cut from stone chips hacksaw or grinder. You can use a wooden frame for a more reliable panel mounting.
Each panel regardless of the material haselements for coupling with neighboring panels. Connecting with each other, the panels form a solid and reliable coverage without visible joints or seams, which is an advantage over conventional vinyl siding.
Prices for front panels and their properties
The cost of facade panels varies from 800 to5,000 rubles per m2, which is much cheaper than conventional brick. As an example we can take the panel Docke-R German company. The price of one panel size 112h46 cm can be from 400 to 600 rubles per share, depending on the region of purchase. In 1 square meter must be two panels, in the amount of the price to obtain 800-1200 rubles per square meter of material.
Produced panel and in Europe and in our country. In view of the mounting price increases slightly. Installation of facade panels is possible in any climatic zone, since the panel can withstand the cold snowy winter and strong summer heat, does not deteriorate from heavy rains and are not destroyed in a stiff wind.
Type and color of panels can bedifferent. There are panels that mimic wood planks, or brick masonry. For each simulated material available several colors, from classic to unusual.
Front panels are very durable, can withstand harshweather changes, strong physical exertion. Vinyl panels are composed of specific compounds to prevent burning of the panels, which makes them absolutely safe in case of fire. The panels, made of stone, do not burn, by definition, making them the most suitable material for the lining.
To clean the front panels is sufficient to pour water from a hose, to clean them from any contamination. Other measures for cleaning or maintenance, do not require the panel.
Front panels for brick
Front panels that mimic the masonry,give your home aesthetically pleasing finished look. Such panels are lightweight and easy to install. They can be used for different purposes: wall cladding, facades, towers, pipes. Vinyl panels are easy to bend, which is not the crumbs of stone panels. Often the front panel is used to create the Deaf fences on the basis of the steel sheet in the garden plots. The main colors of brick panels are classic red, white and the color of burnt bricks.
The surface of the panels made of natural materialsIt may be different. The panel may look like a smooth or crushed brick, have nicks or gouges. These distinctive features are dependent on your wishes, but in any case they have a natural look as close as possible to this brick.
Front panels can be used tofinal cladding of any building, giving the walls a beautiful appearance. Panels with brick texture blends perfectly with a natural tree or conventional siding. Regardless of the type of panel that you choose for your home, the use of panels transform your site and provide the number of his neighbors.

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