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How to choose a pair of boxing gloves

How to choose a pair of boxing gloves

Boxing gloves - an important attribute for the battles in the ring. If you choose not suitable in size or awkward gloves, then this will worsen your technique.

Poor quality gloves quickly tear and change them constantly, in the end, can come more than once to buy a good.



Decide on the type of gloves. They are amateurs, training, professional, combat or snarjadnye. There is also an aerobics gloves. The preferred type of glove depends on what you want to do. An amateur can not hit out, otherwise there is a risk to break the thumb. In general, recommended to fans of big gloves.
Professional gloves unsafe, strikes,that you put into them, might injure their opponents. However, in their hands always safe, regardless of the impact force. Higher defense allowed fighting gloves. They have a white spot to the judges it was easier to count points. Very good training gloves to protect your hands. They can work on the projectile, and to train in sparring. Snarjadnye gloves protect the hands of the best, and they are the most stringent. Under aerobic gloves can not fight, they are not designed for this purpose.


Material and filling are very important. Gloves are made of leather or imitation leather. Leather allows hands to breathe, they are more durable. Gloves cheaper substitute. The filler is best to choose a professional: this foam, synthetic penonapolniteli, polyurethane foam. Unprofessional filler - it's wool. She eventually dumped, and gloves become unsafe.


Correctly pick up the weight and size of the gloves. Weight depends on the weight of the boxer. Children under 7 years recommended weight 4 ounces, from 7 to 10 years - 6 oz, 11-13 years old, and women are advised to weight 8019 ounces, and men - from 12 to 18 ounces, depending on their weight. The size should fit the palm. Babies usually take small, medium fit women and men - big gloves.


Please note, if the cuff is. Cuff - is part of the gloves, which fixes the brush, protecting it. Gloves with cuff not only denser sitting, but also allow you to better control the kick. Very important is also the position of the thumb. The clasp on the cuff can be made in the form of Velcro or lacing. Tying better captures the hand, but you'll be able to wear such gloves. For workouts tend to buy gloves with Velcro.

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