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How to choose a non-freezing liquid

How to choose a non-freezing liquid

Any vehicle owner knows how important it is to have a clean windshield, because it is one of the most important conditions for traffic safety on the road. Particularly relevant this problem during the cold season.

Snow, mud, ice - these are negative factors that can lead to an emergency situation on the road.

Using antifreeze liquid, you will be able to maintain the purity of your glass, which guarantees you comfort and safety.



Pick-freezing liquidAccording to your wishes and, of course, the brandcar. At the moment, there are many manufacturers of non-freezing liquids, are widely known to buyers. For example, such as Fuchs, Liqui Moly, Mobil and others.


Prefer well-known brandbrand, pay attention to the packaging, label and cork antifreeze. On it complete information concerning the product and the manufacturer must be indicated. In addition, high-quality freezing liquid It guarantees the safety of your health.


Buy antifreeze liquid Only in showrooms and specialty stores as well as reducing the risk to buy a fake. This liquid Methanol may contain a toxic substance thatIt cheapens the cost of the product, but also poses a risk to your health. Methanol - the strongest poison, if it gets into the cabin through the ventilation system, you feel dizzy and weak. But excessive exposure to this poison to your body can result in damage to the nervous system.


Check whether the freezing reserves liquid behind a divorce, raids or iridescent film on the surface of the machine. If yes, then this liquid poor quality. Examine the contents of the cans as possible. Shake the can and make sure that the antifreeze surface form a stable foam. If fluid is present the precipitate, then it was diluted with plain water, refuse such a purchase once. Ideally, in the manufacture of antifreeze used distilled water, or water from artesian sources. A pronounced odor of alcohol also assures you that "nezamerzayku" quality.


pour antifreeze liquid advance to first morozchik not paralyzed operation of your vehicle. Get ready for the winter ahead. Do not use this liquidth when stationary or in traffic jams, whenthe vapor concentration is particularly high. Use the recirculation mode, which is provided in some car brands. If you feel fatigue and headache - stop immediately if you are on the move and out of the car. In the future, this drain liquid and fill it with another.


carry any antifreeze liquid winter is always with you in the car. Do not pour antifreeze liquid a tank in pure form, it is generally a very concentrated and should be diluted with distilled water according to the instructions.

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