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How to choose a nickname for the British cats

How to choose a nickname for the British cats

Thoroughbred British cat has a veryimpressive appearance. Strong bones, thick, plush coat and amber eyes closer look - this cat deserves a name that will match her beauty.

Choose a nickname that will appeal to you and want the very cat - it is possible that in this respect it has an own opinion.

What suits the cat

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When choosing a name for pedigree cats needconsider its ancestry. The nickname of the animal must be present the first letters or syllables of the names of the parents, and sometimes even more distant ancestors titled. Often in the list of names is included and the name of the kennel. Detailed information you will inform the breeder, he may even suggest a few suitable options. However, nothing prevents the beast come up titled household name in the home and call the arrogant Shelliket Russitoy Lilly-Tilly just Lily.
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The name for a cat to be sonorous and not toolong. Felinology believe that cats like repeating the same syllables and an abundance of vowels. Therefore, it is suitable nicknames like Mimi, Sissy and Nina, Fifin and so on. It is desirable that nicknames are not in tune with the names of children and other pets. Cats perceive only a few familiar letter combinations, with coincidences they will be confused.
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Consider the features of color, appearance, andkitten character. Thoroughbred British podroschennye sold already, so you can immediately understand, will your pet home tyrant or meek. Accordingly, the kitten can call Sonia or Regina, or Damien Angel. A very simple approach - a nickname in color. Silver cat can be called Silver, white - Snowball, coal-black - Black. Consider and popular in English-speaking countries nicknames - they emphasize the foreign origin of the breed. Britons fit simple names like Fluffy, Puff, Fairy, Magic. Popular names with the prefix "Mr.", "lady" or "Miss" - big cats such phlegmatic respectable nickname it.
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In search of inspiration

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Interesting names can be found in the artliterature. Think of your favorite characters or simply the colorful characters from the books. Flint, Soames, Jane, Bonnie, Carrie - nicknames for the suit not only names, but also names. Interesting ideas can be found in the film - film classics or blockbusters. Suit and well-known personalities - such as a luxury cat can be called Churchill and graceful cat - Godiva.
Not a bad way, which is often usedowners of breeding farms - to select nicknames dictionary. Thus it is possible to find the right word to a given letter - this is especially true for cats with pedigree. Picking up a few suitable options, discuss them with your household and choose a name that will appeal to all. Ask him and a cat. If interested pitomitsy unusual combination of letters, a nickname probably suit her.

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