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How to choose engine oil

How to choose engine oil

Any engine requires periodic oil change.

On the market today there is a large variety of motor oils, they differ in quality and price.

If the machine is not served on the warranty service,is a matter of choice becomes more acute oil. Many on the advice of friends, and pour oil, which they use to buy other expensive brands, considering their universal.

Consider a few steps to the choice of oil, it is suitable for your car.



First read the service book to your car. There should be written, what butter the manufacturer recommends to fill in in the engine. If the book you do not, you can contact the official representative of the brand or the official distributor. As a result, you get a code (tolerance automaker smoothly to the motor vehicle), for example, «VW.501.01» (Audi) or encoding avtomasla (SAE or API).


If an oil change is done you are not the firstagain, it is necessary to evaluate the quality of the previous oil. If the choice was made by the previous fueling is true, it is sufficient to find all information about the previous oil, for example, the label on the packaging.


Now you need to pick up the oil, suitableit is to your engine, it can be done using code automaker tolerance. This information can be found on the websites of manufacturers, or oils on the label avtomasla.


Having defined the appropriate marks of oil, it is necessary to find out what the viscosity butter required motor. You can use the rule - the longer run, the more viscous butter you need to fill, and the need to adhere strictly to the viscosity range which is permitted by the manufacturer.


Buy butter It must be in the official dealerships or auto parts suppliers. Buying motor oil on the market, there is a risk to buy counterfeit products.

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