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How to choose a motherboard


How to choose a motherboard</a>

The choice of the motherboard is a responsible task. Not every sales consultant will be able to tell you in detail about the pros and cons of the model you are interested in.

The motherboard is characterized by a number of parameters: a chipset, a socket, slots of devices and RAM.

If you set a framework for yourself within which you will choose this device, then this choice for you will be a solution to a simple equation, as in grade 5.

You will need

  • A computer hardware store in which you can select a motherboard based on your requests.



The motherboard can be conditionally divided intoSeveral categories. As a result, among all models you can choose the right model. To do this, you need to decide on the choice of all the characteristics of the future motherboard, and your computer will express "thanks" for a clear and quick work.
Chipset. The choice of this component of the motherboard must be approached seriously. Manufacturers of chipsets in the market of modern technologies have appeared recently a lot. Among the competing can be identified: Intel, Amd and Nvidia. When choosing a particular chipset, note that when installing dual Nvidia graphics cards, the chipset of the same manufacturer is not advised to buy. There are models of chipsets from Intel that support dual SLI-video cards. The latest version of the chipset from Intel (X58) supports even 3 video cards.
Do not forget that the chipset should be chosenSpecific processor manufacturer, because The chipset with Intel processor support will not work with AMD. When choosing the "motherboard-processor" ratio, remember that the frequency of the system bus for these devices should be the same. For example, a processor with a system bus frequency (FSB) of 533 MHz will not work with a chipset whose FSB is lower or higher than this value.

How to choose a motherboard


Socket. When choosing a motherboard socket, it must be compared with a future processor. For example, the motherboard ASUS M2A74-AM requires a processor with an AM3 socket, i.e. The processor must be the same socket as the motherboard.

How to choose a motherboard


Memory slots. Now new models of memory cards have appeared on the market of computer products. DDR is already out of the market, replaced by faster DDR2 and DDR3. Also there is a decrease in the price category for DDR3 memory, which is a big plus in choosing a faster memory at an affordable price.

How to choose a motherboard


Slots for other devices (PCI Express). Specific advice on this subject there. When choosing a motherboard, make an emphasis on what will be in these slots, what type of video adapter. If the computer is going for "daily shooting prisoners of war in Medals for courage", then you should look for the motherboard with slots PCI Express x16.

How to choose a motherboard


Built-in peripheral systems. In your card can be built-in various devices: video, audio and network adapters. It is best to look at models without a built-in video card, but in the absence of extra money it will be a good help. The built-in sound and the network adapter, as a rule, are now produced at height - only professionals choose for themselves these devices in a separate performance.

How to choose a motherboard

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