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How to choose a monitor for your computer

How to choose a monitor for your computer

Many people underestimate the importance of the choice of the monitor and the main attention is paid to the processor and graphics card. However, a good monitor - this is what primarily determines the comfort of working at a computer.

On top of that he is aging much more slowly than the other components of the computer, so totally worth the investment of money in them.

Monitor Selection is not as complicated as it seems. First you need to decide on the appointment of the monitor, that is what it will mainly be used - for watching video, playing games or working with office applications.

Screen Size

Monitor main parameter - the sizediagonally measured in inches. One inch equals 2.5 cm for working with office applications is sufficient 17 -. 19 inches, to watch the video - not less than 22 inches, and it is desirable for games 24 - 27 inches.
It should be noted that the size of the monitor and videogames - the more, the better. In this case the choice is limited only by the size of the bag, and a place for installation. Therefore, before purchasing a large monitor, make sure that it fits on your desk.

monitor Format

To view the films important display format. Most monitors are already available in 16: 9 format, but now becomes relevant 16:10. To view the films is also to choose a monitor with Full HD resolution - 1920x1080.

Monitor Response Time

Response time is a very important parameterwhen choosing a gaming monitor. This parameter is indicated in milliseconds: the smaller the better. The response time indicates how long the pixels change color. With a large time of moving objects is colored plume. Modern monitors are characterized by good performance on this parameter, but you need to choose a monitor with a minimum response time for fast games.

The viewing angle and contrast controls

Angle - another important indicator,showing the deviation from the center line is broken correct color reproduction. This indicator is particularly important when watching a movie a few people. The more these angles horizontally and vertically, the more comfortable work at the computer.
Contrast ratio - a measure that indicates the number of colors - light and dark - played monitor. High levels of contrast needed to work with the drawings or photographs.

Extra options

Brightness - This option is not very important for a home monitor, if only it will not be very bright, sunlit place.
Also pay attention to the covermonitor. We monitor with a glossy finish better color reproduction, but in them, as in a mirror, reflected light sources. Therefore, to work with office applications and drawings is better to choose a monitor with a matte finish.
Matrix type does not really matter and oftennot even specified by the manufacturer. Most monitors are sold with a matrix TFT TN. They are inexpensive, have excellent response time and contrast, good color. These monitors are ideal for office applications, watching movies and games.
However, for those who professionally work withcolor, such as designers or photographers will need a monitor with a matrix type TFT IPS - their average response time and contrast, but the color reproduction is excellent, as close as possible to natural. The price of such displays will be substantially higher than with the matrix TFT TN.
Before buying also need to decide onthe presence of additional components, such as web-camera or TV tuner. You also need to make sure you have the required connectors on the monitor for connection to a computer, such as the HDMI, if your video card supports this format.

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