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How to choose a monitor

How to choose a monitor

Choosing a computer monitor depends on several factors.

You need to decide for what purpose you use your computer more often, how often you use it, etc.

Precise answers to these questions will help to pick up the monitor with the required characteristics.

The size and aspect ratio of

Determine the size of the monitor that you need. In most cases for home and office use are purchased monitors with screen sizes from 14 to 22 inches. Large devices are usually best suited for viewing movies and various video games. Small size monitors are good for watching movies, and to work with office applications. Note that the larger the screen size, the more comfortable to work with different programs, it is related to the amount of information that can be placed on it comfortably.
Another factor that needs to be paidaccount when considering the size of the monitor - the aspect ratio. Most of today's monitors have an aspect ratio of 16: 9. Such displays are ideal for watching movies and games, as it is quite comfortable to use a variety of programs. In addition, commercially available devices can be found an aspect ratio of 4: 3. These monitors are quite rare, and their cost is much higher.


TN - monitors are the cheapestmodern monitors. They have a fast response time, but the image quality is inferior to other technologies. These monitors are suitable for office work. Monitors the VA technologies are more common. They have wide viewing angles, but the clarity is lost at high angles and distorted colors. Moreover, the response time of these monitors is slower than TN. VA - monitors are considered the most comfortable working with all sorts of programs. IPS - Monitors have a better response time, image quality and color are the highest. The price of such monitors is slightly higher than the monitors manufactured by other technologies.


Another factor that needs to be paidattention - the screen brightness. If you buy a monitor for home use (eg, computer games), the brightness in the area of ​​300 - 400 lux is optimal. For office monitors fit monitors with a brightness of 200 - 250 lux.


Notice what has connectorsmonitor, this type of signal will depend on, which may be transmitted to it. HDMI and DVI connectors are used to transmit high-definition signals. Connector for conventional AV cable is used for standard video - signal. In addition, the monitor can be equipped with additional connectors, for example, USB or memory card slot.

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