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How to choose a mobile operator

How to choose a mobile operator

Each mobile operator offers its customers a set of tariffs that differ in both the price and quantity of services provided.

However, when choosing a company should take into account not only its pricing policy, but also the level of service.

network coverage

The concept is to ensure coverageUser signal necessary for high-quality voice call. The majority of modern communication in Russian operators use modern rigs and technologies, which transmit voice and packet data (Internet). Thus, the company's quality of service will depend on the coverage in your area.
Interrogate their friends and relatives aboutAs mobile communication they use. Learn satisfied if all their demands or they would like to change the SIM-card. Visit the thematic forums of your city to determine the level of service and reviews from other users. Visit the official sites of each company to see the coverage and to obtain information about your hardware (for example, if using 4G-tower operator).

An important parameter in the selection could be the number and location of offices of the operator in your city.

Choosing a Tariff Plan

Choosing two or three most suitable forquality parameters of operators begin to study the proposed tariff plans. The most important feature for most users is the price per minute. If you think that you will often make calls to people who use a cellular phone, choose an appropriate tariff which offers a reduced price for a voice call within the network. If you plan to call to landlines and other phones with a SIM operator, you also corresponds to choose the right and most affordable option. An important role is played by the presence of discounts for calls (eg free minutes after 5 minutes of talk time). If you frequently travel outside the city, an important parameter will be roaming.

Choosing a service provider, pay attention to the availability of additional services provided to customers, as well as their cost.

For active users of the Internet will be an importantavailability of competitive online option of unlimited Internet, which can be crucial when choosing a mobile operator. If you frequently make calls and a large amount of time they spend online, send SMS and MMS, the best option for you can be unlimited options. By selecting the appropriate option, pay attention not only on the cost of the package, but also on the number of minutes, SMS and gigabytes provided under the tariff.

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