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How to choose the SLR camera

How to choose the SLR camera

SLR cameras - the second most popular type of digital camera (just after the cameras on smartphones).

These cameras provide high image quality and full control over its receipt, as in manual mode, you can set all the characteristics of shooting.

SLR cameras for those who intend to seriously engage in a picture.

Which brand prefer

Probably all familiar with the so-called "holivary"on what is best SLR, the Nikon or Canon. The exact answer to this question does not exist. While market giants fans argue among themselves, other manufacturers also tightened, and SLR cameras today and let companies such as Sony, Pentax, Sigma and others. If you choose SLR entry-class, you can use any of these brands. Should be guided to specific characteristics, rather than the name of the manufacturer, because a good model, worthy of attention, there is every company.

Features DSLR

The camera - a tool for creativity, sochoose it to be the same as the artist chooses the canvas or paint, that is, guided by its taste and style. Therefore, check the list of features and tap for themselves the most important.
First of all, important for SLR Cameramatrix. It is also useful to find out what sort of shooting modes are available, whether there are bracketing. Check that the image stabilizer is present, see if you will only have the size of an existing LCD screen.
Just hold the camera in your hands, if convenienthe lies? The ergonomics of the camera - a very important parameter that determines whether or not you "lazy" to get heavy awkward camera out of the bag, or you can easily make a great frame, as the camera is easy to use, and you have it always ready.
The entry-level cells may be importantquality of the lens, if it is available. Generally, a standard (or "whale», kit) is rarely a good lens, but it may be sufficient for the first time.


Marketing techniques have taught people to believe thatMatrix resolution - this is the most important thing. "People buy megapixels." In fact, the more important is its physical size. That depth of field depends on it and the amount of digital noise in your pictures. The larger the matrix, the better. But for big arrays need heavy and massive lenses are the laws of optics. Therefore, no compromise can not do here.
An important parameter is the sensitivitymatrix, or the number of valid ISO, the greater the range of these values, the better. This means that you can shoot in low light conditions, and your pictures will still be legible.

other characteristics

Various shooting modes can be useful at first, until you look at the instructions and do not get used to adjust everything yourself.
Bracketing - is a mode where the cameraIt makes a few shots in the process of changing one parameter at a specified level. This can help to make a good shot in difficult conditions, when difficult to immediately determine the desired exposure value. Another way to take pictures HDR.

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