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How to choose a microscope

How to Choose a Microscope

Microscope - a unique invention of mankind, through which you can own eyes to see things that are invisible to the naked eye.

Depending on the power of the microscope, cantreat enlarged natural elements, hair, petals and leaves, flower stalks. More powerful microscopes able to show you the structure of the cells and bacteria.

For the child, the microscope is a wonderful way to explore the world.

How to choose a microscope to get the maximum pleasure and benefit?



To start, determine what you wantsee under a microscope - this depends on its capacity. If you want to increase several times the usual visible objects - insects, flowers, crystals, grains of sand - you will approach the tool stereoscopic microscope having a zoom up to 100x.


More powerful microscopes called biological. If you wish to be considered invisible objects, you need a microscope, with more than a thousandfold increase.


Buying a microscope, look for qualitydetails thereof. The tube of the microscope, which establishes the eyepieces and lenses, must be permanently affixed on a massive basis. Based on the front of the lens to be mounted the stage, as well as highlighting the condenser. It is best to purchase a microscope with electric light. There are also mirrored fixtures.


For maximum comfort when observing a microcosm of purchase binocular microscope, which allows to see the image with both eyes.


Also pay attention to the quality of the lenses. Conveniently the microscope turret, in which there are several different lenses, so you can change the subject increase. It is important to the quality of the stage - it's best to have a microscope with movable table and manageable, so you do not have to manually move objects at the eyepiece.

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