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How to choose a microphone

How to choose a microphone

Microphone? is an electroacoustic device for converting acoustic sound into electric signals.

Through its sound or recorded or transmitted to the amplification device.

From the purpose for which you need a microphone (eg, stereo, recording vocals or musical instruments) that depends on which model you stop.



In order to make the right choice you need to know the basic parameters of the microphone:
Sound: Mono sound? if it sounds that belong to different sources, as emanate from a single point. This sound causes sound distortion and impaired perception of space.
Stereo? is a system that stores information about the location of the sound source in two or more independent audio channels.
Frequency range (Hz): This is the upper or lower limit values ​​of frequencies within which the microphone captures sound.
Sensitivity (dB): This feature shows how the output voltage is observed at the microphone when exposed to sound pressure. The higher the value, the more sensitive microphone.

Impedance (Impedance): It is the resistance value of the alternating current, which is measured in ohms (ohm).


Types of microphones:
Dynamic microphones? is the most popular and common type. Compared with other models, dynamic microphones have several advantages: relatively low price and at the same time, reliability, as well as the ability to work with high sound pressure.
At present, there are many types of dynamic microphones, for example, some of them specifically targeted to remove the sound from the drum or bass podzvuchivaniya.

Condenser microphones? it is more perfect type than the previous one. This type of microphone is more difficult to manufacture and, as a result, significantly more dynamic, but they provide a much better sound quality.
Electret microphones. The difference between this type from others is that electret microphones do not need an external power source, but their sensitivity and frequency response is somewhat worse.

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