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How to choose the right mesh for windows

How to choose the right mesh for windows

Install mosquito nets on the window - this is the most economical, effective, and safe for health, a way to protect the house from insects and dust being blown out from the street.

Thanks to the huge variety of networks, on the market today, choose the best of them is not difficult.



First of all, decide what kind of grid designs youWe would like to purchase. The most common option - a frame mosquito nets. They are quite easy to use. They are easy to install and remove, if necessary. To attach a mesh to the window frame brackets often use a special form of pins or spring-loaded.


Very popular among people who want to protectyour home from insects, street dust and poplar fluff, but at the same time seeking to save space, are sliding mosquito nets. Installation of this design - not an easy process.


When selecting sliding mosquito nets Beextremely careful. Make sure that their structure includes a special profile for the commute frames instead of the usual mesh framework, set on rails and able to last you until the first strong gust of wind.


Rolling nets for windows and easy to foldunfold. When folded, they take up little space, so if your home is not too much space for storage grid, such a design - an ideal option for you.


Owning a pet is better to prefer a mosquito net "antikoshka". Its design is characterized by the most reliable fastening and a special fabric strength.


Note the mesh size of mosquito netting. Too large cell will pass dust and small insects, but are too small - prevent the normal circulation of air.


Material linen mosquito nets must be environmentally friendly, the stitches - trim, and fasteners - very strong.


Color mosquito net can be anything. If you want to design was the most discreet, prefer silver or gray color. If your goal - the creation of the original design, choose any, even the most brilliant and extravagant color.

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