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How to choose RAM



RAM (random access memory - RAM)? An integral part of any computer.

It is designed for temporary storage of information while the computer is running.

In order to select the correct memory, you must pay attention to its characteristics.



Pay attention to the type of memory. At the moment, the standards of DDR2 and DDR3 are more common? The latter has improved characteristics, consumes less power.


Pay attention to the peak bandwidthThe capacity of RAM or the standard of memory. At the moment, the range is as follows: from PC-133 to PC3-16000. It is desirable that the bandwidth of the cumulative RAM corresponds to the bandwidth of the processor installed on your computer. When installing two memory modules, the operation will occur in two-channel mode (the bandwidth is doubled), the main thing is that the speed of the two modules is the same.


Pay attention to the amount of RAM? From 512MB to 12GB. The larger the amount of memory, the faster your computer will work (ie, perform many operations simultaneously faster). If you plan to use your future computer to solve typical problems, then there will be enough memory of 1-2 GB. Does the gaming computer require more space? From 4 GB. For editing? Heavy? Audio, photos, video files, you also need more RAM.

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