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How to choose a memory


RAM (random access memory - RAM)? an integral component of any computer.

It is designed to temporarily store information during the operation of the computer.

To choose the right memory to draw attention to its characteristics.



Pay attention to the type of memory. Currently more common DDR2 and DDR3 standards? the latter has improved performance, it consumes less power.


Note the peak bandwidththe ability of RAM or memory standard. At the moment the range is as follows: from the PC-133 to PC3-16000. It is desirable that the total capacity of memory corresponds to the capacity of the processor installed on your computer. When installing two memory modules work will take place in two-channel mode (throughput is doubled), the main thing is that the speed of the two modules is the same.


Note the amount of RAM? from 512 MB to 12 GB. The more memory, the faster your computer will work (ie quicker to perform multiple operations at the same time). If you plan to use your computer for future solutions to common problems, there will be enough memory 1-2 GB. The game requires more computer? 4 GB. To edit a? Serious? audio, photo, video files also need more memory capacity.

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