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How to choose a medical thermometer

How to choose a medical thermometer

Condition of health can be determinedin several ways, the fastest, and therefore is considered a common measure its body temperature. And the most popular instrument for measuring body temperature is a medical thermometer.

It is on the fidelity and accuracy of his testimony is largely dependent recognition rate of development in the body of this or that disease, and therefore timely to clear them.

Types of medical thermometers

Modern pharmacy and specialized medical centers offer a choice of the buyer several types of medical thermometers, each of which has its pluses and minuses.

Mercury medical thermometer does not have the built-in memory, so in order to clear the last result of the measurement, you simply shake the device.

Traditionally considered a mercury thermometer,representing a glass flask with built therein mercury capillary. Its advantages over other medical thermometers are: high measurement accuracy, the ability to use different parts of the body and a long service life. The disadvantages of mercury medical thermometer are its fragility, the possibility of mercury poisoning in the event of depressurization of the unit and the long duration of the measurement, sometimes reaching as much as 10 minutes.
Most popular among modern people wonElectronic medical thermometer, equipped with special sensors that display the measurement result on the display device. Such a device is safe for human, it itself off after receiving the measurement result, and determine the length of the body temperature with it usually does not exceed three minutes. The main disadvantage of an electronic medical thermometer: it is high, compared with the mercury thermometer, the price is dependent on the battery, as well as the need for a clear implementation of all prescribed in the instructions to the instrument of action to obtain the most accurate measurement results.

Allowable error in measurement of the infrared clinical thermometer is from 0.3 to 0,5 ° C.

Good measures body temperature and infraredmedical thermometer, the principle of which is to obtain data of the infrared radiation of the human body and removing them on a special display. For measurements with the help of this device does not require contact with the body, so it is easy to measure the temperature, even in patients with sleeping and crying children. Body Temperature Measurement speed medical infrared thermometer is from 5 to 30 seconds. The disadvantages of this tool are its relatively low accuracy, the dependence of the results on the person's emotional state and relatively high in comparison with other models of medical thermometers, price.

Choosing a good medical thermometer

By choosing such an important instrument as a medicalThermometer should be treated very responsibly. Choosing a medical thermometer, pay attention to the integrity of the packaging. Take a look inside the box with the device, and make sure you have instructions to him in Russian. Ask the seller to provide a warranty card with which you can restore, repair or replace medical thermometer in the event of his factory defects or damage during operation.
Experts advise to buy medicalthermometer only in pharmacies and specialized centers involved in the sale of medical equipment and having all supporting the quality and reliability of the product documentation.

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