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How to choose a LED lamp

How to choose a LED lamp

Now more than ever topical theme of energy conservation. The first thing that comes to mind the common man in the implementation of energy-saving technologies, this LED lamp.

Now the choice of these lamps is very high.

So how to choose a suitable LED lamp and not get lost in their diversity?

You will need

  • Choosing LED lamps are usually carried out according to three criteria, we will discuss them below.



The first fundamental criterion isdesign of the lamp. There are only two types of design. The first design of the lamps to form a light beam installed a set of LED arrays. The second construction - a lamp in which a light beam forming is performed diffusing lenses. It is worth noting that the second LED lamp design is somewhat more committed than the first.


The determining factor for the second testIt is the place of use of the lamp. It is important to know, for it showcases or counter, or maybe even for a ceiling fixture. In such a case must also know its location and altitude. Knowing all this, it is possible to define several important characteristics. Namely, the emission angle of the light output, color temperature.


The third criterion is the economic benefit. After all, the transition from traditional lighting to LED requires more costly. And hence the knowledge of economic benefits in the use of LED lamps is an important criterion. To determine these benefits need to know the following characteristics: length of the lamp use, the cost of electricity, the average life of your traditional and new LED lamps, their value.

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