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How to choose an LED lamp


How to choose an LED lamp</a>

Now the topic of energy saving is more urgent than ever. The first thing that a simple person comes to mind when introducing energy-saving technologies is LED lamps.

Now the choice of these lamps is very large.

So how to choose the right LED lamp and not get confused in their diversity?

You will need

  • The choice of LED lamp is usually carried out according to three criteria, they will be discussed below.



The first fundamental criterion isThe design of the lamp itself. There are only two types of construction. In the first design, a set of LED dies is mounted in the lamps to form a light beam. The second construction is a lamp in which the formation of a light beam is carried out by scattering lenses. It is worth noting that the LED lamps of the second design are somewhat more perfect than the first.


The determining factor for the second criterionIs the place of use of the lamp. It is very important to know whether it is for a storefront or for a counter, or even for a ceiling lamp. In this case, you need to know also the height of its location. Knowing all this, you can identify several important characteristics. Namely: angle of luminescence, luminous flux, color temperature.


The third criterion is the economic benefit. After all, switching from traditional lighting to LED requires a little more expense. Therefore, knowledge of economic benefits in the process of using a LED lamp is an important criterion. To determine these benefits, you need to know the following characteristics: the duration of lamp use, the cost of electricity, the average life of your traditional and new LED lamp, their cost.

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