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How to choose a leash for cats

How to choose a leash for cats

Cats can live peacefully in a confined space, but because it is a very curious animals, they like to walk and explore new territory.

Releasing an animal into the street one afraid.

It is much safer to walk him on a leash, which can be several varieties.

Selecting cat leash

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Leashes for dogs are divided on a leash-overallsand leashes, harnesses. For the convenience of walking a pet leash should be at least 2 meters. You can pay attention to the leash-roulette for cats or similar options used for walking small dogs.
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Under the harness mean structure consisting ofstraps and covering the body of a cat near the blades. Expensive models may include and collar. However, this harness to train your pet will not be easy. These designs are fastened around the neck or abdomen, and a ring connected to the leash is on the back between the shoulder blades. Such a device is created based on anatomical features cats. It does not load the spinal column of the cat.
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The straps have to be made of light andsoft material. Since cats are extremely sensitive, welcomed the presence of the lining of felt. Before shipment to the pet store, you need to measure the volume of the neck and chest pet. These data will help to select the right size leash.
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The most economical option isChinese model. However, the quality of their questionable. It is desirable to acquire such leashes for adults with highly developed muscles. From the stress of poor quality material may burst.

For proprietary harness will have to pay the amount more. The least efficient of them are models with reflectors, options specifically for kittens, as well as products made of natural suede.
Harness-suit is a product,It is worn on the body of an animal like a jacket. This option is more clothing than the harness. The animal in such garb less engaged, so the harness-torn overalls less. The advantages include the fact that the animal more comfortable therein that promotes faster addiction. It should be noted immediately that the pleasure it would cost a tidy sum, because such products are often on the order of overseas stores.

How to wear a harness on the animal

First of all, make sure thatthe harness is adjusted according to the size of a cat. Then you need to confidently take the animal in his hands, pat, talk to him. After it calmed down, you need to put on his harness.
Make sure that the buckle is securelyfastened and belts do not have creases and kinks. You also need to check how the whole cat feels on a leash, not too tight there anywhere. You have to be prepared for the fact that for some time it will complain.
For walks in harness cat should be taughtgradually. First you need to be like with her leash around the house to make it a little accustomed to it. Only then can deduce the animal on the street. Initially, it is desirable to walk close to home. And much to pull the leash is not necessary. The cat should feel some freedom. Over time, walking on a leash can be held and in more remote surroundings.

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