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How to choose a laser level

How to choose a laser level

The choice depends on the laser leveling requiredrange, precision and purpose - for external and internal works, to check the floor or wall, forming a line or a master axis, with or without compensating him.



Choosing a laser level is necessary to payattention to the error of constructing planes. But sometimes high precision instrument is achieved by reducing the number of functions. Lasers with automatic compensator standard models have an accuracy of 0.2 mm per 1 m, and the model with electronic compensation system - 0.1 mm per 1 m.


Stationary or positional Levels using the receiver has a range of work on the street 50 - 70 m, indoor 20 - 30 m, and the laser sector is 110 degrees.


For external works better to choose a laser level rotary-type rotating element that forms a closed line. The range of such leveling the receiver is 300m - 1 km, the accuracy of not less than 10mm at 100m, while expensive models up to 3mm at 100m.


For interior applications fit a simple, popularToday, devices that create the projection plane with two prisms that build intersecting horizontal and vertical lines. For more complex internal work can be used multilazery - Levels with multiple prisms. With such a laser on the work can serve several people.


You can not choose a laser level onlyBased on the technical characteristics, it is important, and construction of the instrument. Economy models have a plastic housing, they do not have the mechanism of polishing and metal supports, the buttons are not protected against water and dust, so these models are not designed for the street.


For outdoor work with receiverradiation needed more professionally executed Levels: a housing made of high-strength industrial plastic, with the presence of fine-tuning mechanism, with protected against moisture and dust buttons, with racks and metal base.


Also, do not buy the device in a precarious spot, better to choose a laser level famous brand in the store have a good reputation and is responsible for the goods.

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