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How to choose a laser level


How to choose a laser level</a>

The choice of laser level depends on the requiredRange, accuracy and its intended purpose - for external or internal works, for checking the floor or walls, the forming line or the master axis, with or without compensator.



Choosing a laser level is necessary to drawAttention to the error in the construction of planes. But sometimes the high accuracy of the device is achieved by reducing the number of functions. Laser levels with an auto-compensator of standard models have an accuracy of 0.2 mm per 1 m, and models with an electronic compensation system - 0.1 mm per 1 m.


Stationary or positional levels using the receiver have a range of work on the street 50 - 70 m, in the room 20 - 30 m, and the laser sector is 110 degrees.


For outdoor work, it is better to choose a laser level of a rotating type with a rotating element, which forms a closed line. The range of such Level With the receiver is 300m - 1 km, accuracy is not less than 10mm at 100m, and for expensive models up to 3mm at 100m.


For interior works suitable simple, popularTo date, devices that create a projection of planes with two prisms that build intersecting horizontal and vertical lines. For more complex internal work, you can use multi-lasers - levels with multiple prisms. With one such laser on, several people can perform the work at once.


You can not select a laser level only forBased on technical characteristics, the design of the device is also important. Inexpensive models have a plastic body, they lack the mechanism for fine-tuning and metal stops, the buttons are not protected from moisture and dust, so these models are not designed for street.


For street work using a receiverRadiation requires more professionally made levels: with a body made of high-strength industrial plastic, with the availability of a fine-tuning mechanism, with buttons protected from moisture and dust, with racks and a metal base.


In addition, do not buy the device in a dubious place, it is better to choose a laser level of a well-known brand in a store that has a good reputation and is responsible for its goods.

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