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How to choose a kitchen set with the size of the kitchen


How to choose a kitchen set with the size of the kitchen</a>

The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms in the apartment, the center of attraction for the whole family.

This is not only a place where food is prepared, but also a place for snacks, a dining room and sometimes even a living room.

Therefore, it is important that household appliances and furniture located in the kitchen correspond to its functionality and provide the necessary convenience of use, comfort and comfort.

What determines the layout of the kitchen

Regardless of the size of the kitchen, beforeChoose a kitchen set, you need to determine the functional load that this room will carry. What is the optimal set of furniture you need depends on how many people in the family, when they eat in the kitchen, whether children at home have meals at school, whether you cook daily throughout the day or only in the evenings, after work.

In addition, decide which work surfaceYou need, in what order will be the tables, where will be located a sink, refrigerator, stove. On this depends and what should be in the kitchen, except for the obligatory desktop, cabinets and hinged shelves: a dining or folding table, an angular sofa or stools.

Determined with the optimal set of furniture andHousehold appliances, which is necessary for your family, estimate how much the kitchen will allow you to place all this. If the kitchen is large enough in the area, there will be no special problems - everything will be fit and there will still be room. When the area is small, consider re-planning or combining the kitchen with the living room by demolishing curtain walls and partitions. In the event that the redevelopment is not possible, and the entire necessary set of furniture does not fit, you will have to think about how to optimally use the available space.

In the case of re-planning, it must be agreed with the bodies that carry out technical and architectural supervision in your city.

Choosing a kitchen set

In a large kitchen when choosing a kitchen setYou can be guided solely by your own taste, but for a small room it is worth considering that dark furniture will not look in it, and visually make the kitchen less. Choose a light wood or plastic pastel tones, bright color contrast combinations in a small kitchen also reduce the space. In this case, it is better to refuse from tightly closed facades of hanging cabinets and prefer glazed doors.

If the kitchen is very small, make maximum use of the space between the hanging cabinets and the work surface, where you can put the holders for knives, hinged shelves, drying, supports for spices.

As for the optimal allocation, forLimited spaces is very convenient option, when all appliances and floor cabinets are under the same table top. Since manufacturers in most cases offer modular kitchens, study the catalogs and select the furniture kit that you need.

Please note that Italian furniture has a discreteStep 15 cm in width, i. E. One and the same table or cabinet you can order in widths of 30, 45, 60, 35 cm, etc. For most of the rest of European manufacturers, this step is 10, but the Scandinavians offer modular kitchen designs of any width. They have one discrete step equal to 1 cm, so you can integrate such a set into the kitchen of any size in the most optimal way, it will not have to be made to order and its price will be as specified in the catalog.

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