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How to choose kitchen scales

How to choose kitchen scales

Do not think that the kitchen scales need the housewives who are just learning to cook, and do not trust their own experience and intuition, is strictly guided by the recipe.

This is not so - they need to those who get a taste for cooking, often preparing new, interesting dishes, analogues of which can not be found in the Russian and European culinary traditions.

The ability to observe precisely the recipe will yield identical and predictable result.



When choosing a kitchen scales notethe maximum weight of the product, which may be weighed on the scales of this model. The range is quite large - 2 to 5 kg. If you do not prepare a large number of products and is not engaged in preparation for the winter, you will be quite enough weights with a maximum weight of 3 kg.


Another important factor is the accuracy of measuring the weight of these weights if you need to measure the weight of the products up to 1 gram, select the ones dividing the price of which 1 gram.


By design Libra There are electronic and mechanical. They are convenient, but less aesthetic, spring, or mechanical, Libra, Whose operation is based on measuring the compression springs under the weight of products. Such Libra characterized by a wide range of weighing, independent of power supplies and low cost - they are much cheaper electronics. electronic Libra more accurate, equipped with additional automatic memory function and the ability to count calories to be weighed. But weighing range they have is limited.


Kitchen Libra You can be selected for a flat platformweighing or with a removable bowl. In a bowl mix the dough comfortably, resetting indices and adding the next ingredient of the recipe. But flat or volumetric weigh products it is not very convenient.


Modern kitchen Libra are the most diverse design, sopick them up under the clearance of any great difficulty cuisine will not be. Some of them have a wall mount, so may well be part of the kitchen interior.


Many Libra equipped with additional useful features - the ability to determine the exact weight, without packaging, consistent with zeroing weighing the previous result, timer, automatic memory, and so forth.

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