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How to choose a kitchen scale


How to choose a kitchen scale</a>

It is not necessary to think that kitchen scales are needed for those housewives who are just learning to cook and, not trusting their own experience and intuition, are strictly guided by the recipe.

This is not so - they are needed by those of them who, having felt a taste for cooking, often prepare new, interesting dishes, whose analogs can not be found in the Russian or European culinary tradition.

The ability to accurately maintain the formula will yield an identical and predictable result.



When choosing a kitchen scale, pay attention toThe maximum value of the weight of products that can be weighed on a given scale model. The range here is quite wide - from 2 to 5 kg. If you do not cook from a large number of products and do not harvest for the winter, you will have enough weights with a maximum weight of 3 kg.


Important and the accuracy of measuring the weight of these weights, if you need to measure the weight of products with an accuracy of 1 gram, then select those whose division price is 1 gram.


By its construction Libra Are electronic and mechanical. Comfortable, but less aesthetic, spring, or mechanical, Libra, The principle of which is based on the compression of the measuring spring under the weight of the products. Such Libra Characterizes a wide range of weighing, independence from power supplies and low cost - they are much cheaper than electronic ones. Electronic Libra More accurate, equipped with additional functions of automatic memory and the ability to count calories in the weighed products. But the range of weighing is limited.


Cooking Libra Can be chosen with a flat platform forWeighing or with a removable bowl. In the bowl, it is convenient to knead the dough, zeroing the indices and adding the following ingredient according to the recipe. But it is not very convenient to weigh flat or volumetric products in it.


Modern kitchen Libra Have a very diverse design, soTo pick them up for the design of any kitchen is not much work. Some of them have a wall mount, so they can serve as an element of the kitchen interior.


Many Libra Equipped with additional useful functions - the ability to determine the exact weight without tare, consecutive weighing with zeroing the previous result, timer, automatic memory, etc.

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