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How to choose a jigsaw

Jigsaw - a popular hand tool, with which you can perform a variety of works related to the saw cut sheet materials.

Thanks to its versatile features and ease of use, this device is indispensable, not only in everyday use, but also in the performance of professional tasks.



Note the motor power. From this figure depends on the class of instrument that can be used in the home or intended for professional works. Domestic models have a capacity of 380-700 W can saw wood thicknesses up to 0.7 cm, steel -. To 0.2-0.4 cm from the professional household devices different set of additional features and lower operating resource.


professional-level device has a capacity of750 to 1000 watts, provides cut steel up to 1 cm, and two-centimetric aluminum. Depth of cut wood up to 0.8-1.5 cm. The instruction material thickness is specified as "maximum depth of cut."


Also on hand tool market can meet the low-power models that are powered by battery. They are suitable for cutting material to a limited extent in the absence of power.


Ask what device at the frequency of strokeJigsaw blade. This parameter indicates the number of reciprocating motions per minute of the cutting blade and determines the speed of the tool. It is worth noting that steel cut better at a lower frequency of stroke, the tree - at most.


Adjust the stroke frequency, depending on the modeltool, may be performed prior to turning the power tool, or by means of the locking button directly during operation. Note that the higher the stroke speed and higher performance, the sawing blade wear faster.


Make sure you have the device penduluma switch mechanism. The mechanism makes sawing motion in the horizontal plane, increasing the cutting performance, the operation and speed. A significant drawback is a reduction in the quality of the cut. Therefore, to perform a finishing cut disconnect mechanism if necessary. This feature is indispensable when cutting hard wood and steel.

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