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How to choose a jigsaw


How to choose a jigsaw</a>

Electric jigsaws are a popular hand tool with which you can perform many different jobs related to sawing sheet materials.

Due to its versatile capabilities and ease of operation, this device is indispensable not only for domestic use, but also for professional tasks.



Pay attention to the power of the electric motor. From this indicator depends the class of the instrument, which can be used in everyday life or intended for professional work. Household models have a power of 380-700 watts, can saw a tree with a thickness of up to 0.7 cm, steel - up to 0.2-0.4 cm. From professional devices, households are distinguished by a set of additional functions and a smaller working resource.


The professional level device has power from750 to 1000 W, provides cutting steel up to 1 cm and two-centimeter aluminum. The depth of sawing wood reaches 0.8-1.5 cm. In the instruction, the thickness of the material is indicated as "the maximum depth of cut".


Also on the market of hand tools you can find low-power models that are powered by a battery. They are suitable for cutting material in a limited volume in the absence of electricity.


Ask what the frequency of the device isJigsaw blades. This parameter indicates the number of reciprocating movements of the cutting blade per minute and determines the speed of the tool. It is worth noting that steel is better cut at a lower stroke frequency, wood at a higher speed.


Adjusting the stroke frequency, depending on the modelTool can be carried out before turning on the tool, or with the help of a fixing button directly during operation. Note that the higher the stroke frequency and the higher the productivity, the faster the saw blade wears out.


Verify that the device has a pendulumMechanism with a switch. The mechanism makes movement with a saw in the horizontal plane, increasing the cutting performance, operating time and speed. A significant disadvantage is a certain decrease in the quality of the cut. Therefore, if necessary, perform a finishing cut off the mechanism. This function is indispensable for cutting hardwood and steel.

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