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How to choose a jacket child

How to choose a jacket child

Little restless difficult to choose clothes for the cold season. After a down jacket should not hamper the movement, while walking it should be comfortable and warm.

What should be the jacket for the baby?

Winter clothing for children must meet a number ofrequirements. First of all, this quality. It is better to choose to focus on feather bed from natural, "breathable" material that will retain heat, not allowing a child to sweat. Synthetics, despite the durability and ease of care, does not absorb moisture, so the baby can easily supercooled down jacket in this material.

Criteria for selection of down jackets

Be sure to read the information on the labeldown jackets. It should be specified excipient composition. If this mark down - in pure fluff, but can be found on sale, and a jacket with wool batting, while on the label will read wool. Sale and clothing blended with fillers, packed from padding polyester - polyester. If the fluff added another material, this should be stated on the label as a percentage. Do not buy a down jacket with cotton filler, it is not designed for the Russian winter.

it is recommended to purchase clothing with reflective strips for safety of the child. Jackets with such elements will allow to see the little pedestrian in the dark.

About describe the presence of a down jacket for the childbackup hardware, pieces of tissue. Smooth line and no sticking down, easily sealable lock, no complicated lacing and a variety of buttons, rivets - also a plus. Down jacket, despite the heat, it should be relatively easy to a little boy or girl could easily run it, jumping, making snowmen and playing snowballs.

Important nuances of buying children's down jackets

The ideal filler for down jackets to go waterfowl feathers - goose, swan, or eider duck. Clothing with the "stuffing" is able to protect from the cold and piercing wind.
Conveniently, the jackets have detachable lining and hood, which can be washed. Today you can buy baby clothes with special impregnation, it is an excellent barrier to moisture.
It is necessary to buy a down jacket, after a preliminaryfitting. All children are different and not always standard size jackets fit a particular child. Please rate the length of the sleeves, they should not be too short or long. It is better to choose a down jacket, which will partly cover the hips. It little athlete will not experience discomfort, but will be able to walk for a long time, not froze.

Today you can buy children's jacket in any price range, but the quality thing can not be cheap. It is better to focus on the average value.

Do not buy a down jacket with a stock - largeJacket will hamper the movement of the child. But the country of manufacture of the product - is a secondary matter. About an insulation signal CLO icon. In our cold winter is better to choose a down jacket with the abbreviation 3 CLO, it will withstand even severe frost.

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