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Modern air humidifier for home

Too dry air may causelow immunity, acute respiratory diseases and chronic headaches. Of course, you can hang wet rags on batteries or get fish (evaporating water from the aquarium will humidify the air).

But not it be easier to buy a humidifier?

For many, it became very necessary purchasehumidifiers for your home or work space. They not only raise the humidity, but also decontaminate air. On the lower level of humidity can be found on the grounds such as the electrostatic voltage, dry mouth, pain when wearing contact lenses, bleeding from the nose. In the presence of such inconveniences and saves the humidifier. Humidifiers differ mainly on the principle of work.

In winter, due to the heat, the humidity in modern apartments in high-rise buildings may be only 20%.

There are only three types of humidifiers: mechanical (the so-called traditional), ultrasonic and steam.

Humidification by ultrasound

Ultrasonic humidifiers spraytiny particles of moisture due to the work of ultrasound (as the name implies). Gold or silver membrane vibrating, creates a kind of fog. By adjusting the intensity of operation of the device can create a certain level of humidity, for example 60%. The impressive power unit allows you to use it both at home and in offices.

Humidification evaporation

Mechanical humidifier isstructure from evaporating element (or fan filter paper) and the water tank. The principle of its operation is based on the natural evaporation. This device is able to clean the air of dust and impurities. This moisturizer is reliable due to the simplicity of its design and has a low price, but has a number of drawbacks. He does not saturate the air force, and therefore, the level of humidity is limited to sixty percent. Also traditional humidifier may make noise during operation, and therefore, it is inconvenient to use at night.

Evaporative humidifiers in the filter should be changed every season.

Humidification boiling

The steam humidifier works on the principle of the kettle. electrodes immersed in water heated water, and she begins to evaporate rapidly. At the exit steam temperature is relatively low. After all the water boiling the appliance switches off automatically. These humidifiers are often equipped with nozzles for inhalation, which allows their use for medical purposes. In addition, prolonged boiling, is known to kill pathogens and thus disinfect. Steam humidifiers consume significant amounts of electricity and can not maintain the exact humidity level. However, these moisturizers are ideal for use in large rooms and offices, as able to process a large volume of air in a short time.

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