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How to choose a humidifier


Modern humidifier for home</a>

Too dry air can causeDecrease in immunity, exacerbation of respiratory system diseases and permanent headaches. Of course, you can hang wet rags on batteries or start fish (evaporating water from the aquarium will moisten the air).

But is not it easier to buy an air humidifier?

For many, it was very necessary to purchaseHumidifiers for the home or work premises. They not only increase the humidity, but also disinfect the air. About a lowered level of humidity can be found by such signs as electrostatic tension, dry mouth, soreness when wearing contact lenses, bleeding from the nose. In the presence of such inconveniences, the humidifier saves. Distinguish humidifiers mainly by the principle of operation.

In winter, because of heating, humidity in modern apartments in high-rise buildings can be only 20%.

There are only three types of humidifiers: mechanical (so-called traditional), ultrasonic and steam.

Humidification from ultrasound

Ultrasonic air humidifiers sprayThe smallest particles of moisture due to the work of ultrasound (as is already clear from the title). A gold or silver membrane, vibrating, creates a peculiar fog. By adjusting the intensity of the device, you can create a certain level of humidity, for example, 60%. The impressive capacity of the device allows you to use it both at home and in offices.

Humidification by evaporation

A mechanical humidifier is aA structure from the evaporation element (filter paper or fan) and a water tank. The principle of its operation is based on natural evaporation. Such an apparatus is capable of purifying the air of dust and impurities. This humidifier is reliable due to the simplicity of its design and has a low price, but it has a number of drawbacks. It does not saturate the air forcibly, which means that the humidity level is limited to sixty percent. Also, a traditional humidifier can make noise when working, which means it's uncomfortable to use at night.

The evaporative filter in the humidifiers must be changed every season.

Moistening with boiling

The steam humidifier operates on the principle of a kettle. Immersed in water electrodes heat water, and it begins to evaporate intensely. At the outlet, the temperature of the steam is relatively low. After boiling off all the water, the appliance switches off automatically. Such humidifiers are often equipped with inhalation caps, which allows them to be used for medical purposes. In addition, prolonged boiling, as is known, kills pathogenic microorganisms, and therefore, disinfects. Steam humidifiers consume a significant amount of electricity and can not maintain an accurate level of humidity. However, these humidifiers are ideal for use in large rooms and offices, since they are able to process a large volume of air in a short time.

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