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How to choose a hood


How to choose a hood</a>

During the preparation of various dishes, the apartment is filled with strong smells, which do not always arouse appetite, but on the contrary, can cause irritation.

In addition, the kitchen furniture over time appears greasy plaque. To deal with these troubles, a hood is installed in the kitchen.

When choosing this device, it is important to pay attention to the technical characteristics and compliance with a number of parameters that play a decisive role in the installation of the hood.

Design hoods

Hoods, which consist of four mainComponents: the fan unit, the air intake, the filters and the housing, externally differ from each other. The simplest are flat devices. They are of two types: built-in and hinged. The latter are attached to the wall or bottom of the cabinet above the stove. Built-in units are mounted inside the hinged kitchen cabinet, so before buying, you need to make sure that a certain model will go into the locker and that you can prepare the appropriate hole in it.
The most common today and the fireplaceThe extracts, whose name goes back to the form of devices. They are mounted on a wall above the stove. These models are more efficient, most of them are able to work in the mode of tap and recirculation of air. The assortment of many firms already included island hoods that are attached to the ceiling above the kitchen "island", and corner appliances designed to be fixed in the corner of the kitchen.

To decorate the hoods use tempered glass, wood, covered with protective varnish, artificial stone and hand-painted metal elements.


The most popular are hoods made ofStainless steel and aluminum. Models from polished stainless steel look pretty impressive. Such a surface is easy to clean, but it can not be cleaned with abrasives. The disadvantage of this material is that it leaves fingerprints, and manufacturers recommend taking care of such products with the help of special compounds. Aluminum aggregates are good in that their surface "adapts" to the color of kitchen objects, successfully fitting into the interior. In addition, there are no fingerprints on the aluminum hoods.

Principle of operation

When choosing a hood, you need to decide for yourself howIt will remove unpleasant smells - by tapping or recirculating air. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Most modern devices are designed in such a way that they can work in both modes, but if the air duct is not installed, the device can only be operated in recirculation mode.
When recirculated, the fan draws in air underAn umbrella and, passing it through filters, returns back to the kitchen already clean. Masters praise such hoods for low price and ease of installation, but often remain dissatisfied with the low performance and the need to periodically change the charcoal filter.

For proper functioning of the hood, make sure that the air ducts purchased in the store have been correctly installed.

In the tap mode, air is also taken awayFan and is passed through the grease filter, but does not return back, but is thrown into the ventilation shaft or to the street through a special channel. This method of fighting odors is more effective, but it is quite labor-consuming to install an air duct. It must be well sealed and have a special valve at the outlet, which prevents cold air from penetrating from the street into the room.

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