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How to choose a home theater

Home theater creates an immersive

Perfection video and audio are no boundaries. Every year it is all perfect.

Now there is a choice? buy a simple TV set or make a real cinema at home. Home Theater? it is a set of audio and video equipment: TV, DVD-player and a set of speakers.

The most important thing in this series? This speaker system.



To complete cinema wrong with the TV. Because of its size parameters, such as screen (plasma and LCD work best) choice depends on everything else. CD Player and multi-channel audio processor must be in the head unit. It is desirable that the player can read all formats, especially high-quality formats, for example, Blu-Rey. But most importantly, on this and should focus? this is the acoustics. After all, it will depend on the same sense of presence in the cinema.


When buying a speaker system proceed fromthe dimensions of the room, which is allocated to the cinema. And he'll need a lot of space, as standard equipment acoustics? This six columns. Add to that the television itself, players, and comfortable seats for spectators. Best of all? Auditorium? Mix exactly in the center, then the audience will surround speakers surround sound. To place the visual space in the wall is not necessary, as the rear speakers should be placed there.


When choosing your home theaterguided by the manufacturer in the first place. The most proven brands such as Philips, Samsung, BBK, Sony, LG, JVC, Panasonic. The difference in price can be very significant, despite the fact that the set of features is basically the same. The price depends on not only the brand but also the quality and the sound power. In a small room fairly standard total power of 100-150 watts. For larger rooms and the most comfortable sound need more power. In general, the larger it? all the better. If you use high capacity movie theater in a small room, it will serve you longer than the low-power speakers 260 watts enough for the eyes for a standard apartment.

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