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How to choose the air ionizer for home

How to choose the air ionizer for home

Unfavorable environment is injurious to health, well-being. Fumes in the air in a big city - the cause of shortness of breath, insomnia and other problems.

To protect yourself and family from sickness, is sufficient to establish in the apartment air ionizer.

This practical device is able to significantly improve indoor air quality.

The use of ionizer allows to eliminatethe problem of "air hunger". The device fills the air ions, as you might guess from the name, cleans it. To give their households sea freshness and crystal clear air of pine forest, it is necessary to choose an ionizer that meets your needs. There are household appliances and medical.

Buy air ionizer

Household ionizers tend to have lowcost. You can find models, combined with moisturizers, cleaners. Also popular medical devices, ionizing the air. Their difference - the ability to generate more ions.
Ionizers help fight dust, unpleasantsmell, they are indispensable if the premises or smoking apartment, office located near the gassy highway. Ionizing devices are known for ease of use and with adequate efficiency. However, we must not forget the noise aspect of this technology for the home.

In the annotations to the ionizer should indicate the number of ions per 1 cu. See room conventionally is the range from 400 to 5000.

To maintain the health of consumerionizer, there is no need to change filters. Exceptions are models with NEPA filters, tissue or other types that need to be changed every six months. Polluting needle design will still be, so they need to be periodically cleaned from dust. Due to the fact that the ionizer dust precipitates, it is important to often do wet cleaning during operation of the device.

Nuances selection ionizer Housing

Doctors do not advise leaving the ionizer includedDuring a long time. This is due to generation of ozone in the device small doses. The microscopic portions of the gas even useful, but increasing the dose you can feel weakness, dizziness, nausea, irritation of mucous membranes.
By purchasing an ionizer, be sure to choosefamous brand product and check for a certificate of quality. When you purchase a model you need to take into account the characteristics of the ion concentration, the floor area, which can operate the ionizer. Rate device operation - pulsed or continuous. The ionizer can be equipped with sensors of air pollution, so that the device will be switched on and off independently.

Ease of use gives the presence of ionizing remote control LCD display, timer.

Ionizers for home is best to buy with the body of the tree, but you can make a choice and in favor of a plastic version. There are also automotive devices, ionizing the air in the cabin.

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