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How to choose a heat meter

How to choose a heat meter

Since the beginning of the heating season, significantly increasing utility bills. And it is not always justified.

The fact that the apartment owners usually pay for heat consumption based on average figures. Therefore, it is useful to install in the house thermal counters that provide savings of up to 40% payment.

Installation is carried out counters at the input and output coolant pipe.

In apartment buildings with stoyakovoy distributing heat meters are usually installed in the basements popodezdno.



Today, the State Register of SI is recommended for the installation of about 200 types heat meters. His choice depends on many parameters.Of course, the energy meter type depends on the type of coolant and the heat input circuit. For right choice you need to know the maximum flow of coolant, which hold information about the heat supply organization. To determine the number of primary devices and heat meter model is necessary to have information on the number and type of inputs thermal hot water system. Essential is also the differential pressure setting in supply and return pipelines of heating network.


Second, keep in mind to select the energy metercomputing capabilities and its characteristics. Thus, the heat measurement error on the established norms should be no more than ± 4% at a temperature difference in the pipeline for more than 20 ° C, and the measurement error of the coolant mass is not more than ± 2%.


Third, consider the range of flow rate changes,temperature and temperature difference. I must say that all heat meters certified today meet regulatory requirements in relation to the range of variation. They record the change in coolant flow, its temperature and its difference.


A fourth serious enough selection criterionheat meter is a pressure drop on it. Almost all the counters have a hydraulic resistance that when installed creates a pressure loss in the pipes.


An important factor when choosing a heat meterand a method of its installation. So, many of them require significant areas of direct pipeline (10 m), which is not always feasible in basements and living spaces.


Choosing a heat meter, pay attention to hisregistration mode, the simplicity of the service, friendly interface, the presence and depth of the archive, mezhproverochny interval. An important factor is the price of the heat meter.

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