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How to choose a heat meter


How to choose a heat meter</a>

With the beginning of the heating season, utilities are significantly increasing. And it is not always justified.

The matter is that usually owners of apartments pay for the expense of heat on the averaged indicators. Therefore, it is useful to install in the house heat meters, which save up to 40%.

Installation of meters is carried out on the pipes of input and output of the coolant.

In multi-apartment buildings with riser wiring, heat meters are usually installed in the basement.



Today, the State Register of SI is recommended for the installation of about 200 types Heat meters. His choice depends on many indicators.Of course, the type of heat meter depends on the type of coolant and the scheme of thermal input. For the right choice, you need to know the maximum flow of the coolant, information about which the heat supply organizations own. To determine the number of primary converters and the model of a heat meter, one must have information on the number of thermal inputs and the type of DHW system. The parameter of pressure difference in the direct and return pipelines of the heat network is also significant.


Secondly, to select a heat meter, considerIts computing capabilities and characteristics. Thus, the error in measuring heat according to established norms should not be more than ± 4% for a temperature difference in pipelines of more than 20 ° C, and the error in measuring the mass of the coolant is not more than ± 2%.


Thirdly, consider the range of flow changes,Temperature and temperature difference. It should be noted that all heat meters certified today meet the regulatory requirements for ranges of changes. They fix the change in the flow rate of the coolant, its temperature and its difference.


The fourth rather serious criterion of choiceHeat meter is the loss of pressure on it. Virtually all meters have a hydraulic resistance, which, when installed, creates pressure losses in the pipelines.


An important factor in choosing a heat meterIs his method of installation. Thus, many of them require the presence of significant sections of a direct pipeline (up to 10 m), which is not always feasible in cellars and living quarters.


When choosing a heat meter, pay attention to itRegistration mode, for ease of maintenance, clear interface, availability and depth of the archive, inter-verification interval. An important factor is the price of the heat meter.

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