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How to choose a hairstyle girl with a triangular type of person

How to choose a hairstyle girl with a triangular type of person

Choosing a hairstyle or haircut, a woman tends to emphasize strengths and hide the shortcomings.

To maximize choice was successful, you need to focus on the type of person.

Various features of shape, face shape, colorEye, skin tone makes a woman unique. The ability to combine colors, shapes, textures allow a woman to become a more attractive, more charming. Hair is very important, for each event, it should be their own, special.

The triangular shape of the face

Do owners of this type of entity, usuallyrather broad forehead, and his face through the jaw and cheeks tapering to the chin. Sam's chin is sharp enough. To hide the flaws, it is necessary to reduce the visual line of the forehead, to extend the chin line and smooth edges. In addition to the correct selection of hairstyles, you should pay attention to other details. First of all, it is not necessary to choose the right brow shape, they should be slightly rounded and raised. When applying make-up, make the tone darker in the temples. The chin and the outer part of the cheekbone can also be done on the darker tone with the help of a tonal framework, powder or blush. Part under the cheek bones should be a tone lighter. Such manipulations will help smooth things over face. Of course, for the full picture remains correct hairstyle.

How to choose the right hairstyle?

The basic idea of ​​selecting the perfect hairstyle fortriangular type of person is that it should be expanded to the bottom, thus making the person more than the correct form. One of the most important cuts, rightly considered a classic bob. Good square trapezoid shape. You can also make a haircut or hairstyle in which the widest part of the hair is on the line roughly in the middle ear. Many women like speed haircut, in the so-called "ladder" of the people. More romantic ladies perfect easy styling with wavy hair. Speaking about the presence of bangs, it is worth noting that short bangs definitely emphasize the triangular chin. Combed to one side, it is also not the best choice. Not bad could look long enough, jagged bangs. Did you enjoy felirovanaya uneven bangs. Sometimes a haircut or hairstyle itself so successfully and concisely looks triangular shape of the face that a woman looks beautiful and combed bangs. To make the right choices that complement your image, it's best to consult your stylist, as independent experiments, unfortunately, are not always successful.
Of course, the selection of only the face is not quite the correct type, as a true professional is obliged to take into account the style of dress, age and lifestyle of the woman.

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