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How to choose a hairstyle for the photo

How to choose a hairstyle for the photo

Many girls and women like to experimentwith her appearance - changing hairstyles, haircuts, hair color and length. Often there are times when clients come in barbershops or beauty salons and require the exact same hairstyle or haircut like a star or a model in a photo in a magazine.

At the same time they are guided only by their own desire, and do not consider their own appearance - especially the figure, the shape of the face, eyes, nose, lips, structure and hair color.



In the end, hairstyle, make even the mostprofessional master, looks quite different, both in the magazine and did not go client. In order to avoid such a problem, and not get into a situation where the return anything back will be too late, should be carefully considered in advance and pick up hairstyle.


Choosing the type of haircut or styling, it is necessary,First of all, take into account the shape of the face. Choosing the right hairstyle can hide the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity. For example, for women with oval face suit haircut or hairstyle that will visually expand it - bob with thick bangs to her eyebrows. Owners of square type face adorn hair with rounded edges, which can smooth the contours of the chin. Girls with a round face fit curly ringlets, curls and oblique fringe and side parting. Those who have a wide forehead and narrow chin suitable haircut "cascade", with the ends of the strands must be tucked out.


Selection of hairstyles also depends on the structure of hair. So, for example, if you have thick and fairly thick hair, they will look great in length, unless, of course, for them to look good. Girls with thin hair recommended short haircuts, because their long hair would not be able to keep the volume, and short haircuts can "whip" and fix with varnish.


In most major salons exists todaysuch a service as the selection of hairstyles photo. Its essence lies in the fact that you take off on your webcam, photos entered into the computer memory and processed by a special program, which has a large base of hairstyles and haircuts. As a result, the on-screen display, you can see various options for length and color and make a choice. pick up hairstyle photo can be at home, with the help of specialized Internet sites and computer programs.

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