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How to choose a hair dye

In most cases, women color their hair at home without seeking the help of professional artists.

How not to make a mistake in choosing the right paint color?

Choosing hair dye - responsible occupation,the result of which could affect the image of women. Color change will inspire her to a new mood and positive emotions. Girls make an unforgivable mistake, grabbing the counter shop with a box like it Hair Color model.
But the paint color should be chosen with great care, because her choice depends on many factors. A special role is played by face shape, skin color, eyes, and the woman's age.

Features of the application of chemical dyes

The term "chemical dyes" refers to persistent substances that are permanently attached to the hair the desired shade, but it can be harmful if they are used improperly.
When choosing a paint color should be consideredyour own hair color. It is understood that is painted a dark shade harder, because the curls contains a large amount of melanin (natural pigment). As a result, the color may turn out slightly different than it was stated on the packaging.
To guess the color, should be familiar withtable, which provides manufacturers themselves. More extensive information can be found in stores, where there is a palette with samples. Comparing with the desired color, you can correctly choose the perfect color.
If you have to dye your hair for the first time, it is bestdo not change color dramatically: we should consider the option that will be different from the previous one by only one or two colors. The thing is that the color, given the nature of the woman, in harmony with the skin color, eyebrows, eyelashes. So often with hair coloring, also subject to the procedure of changing the color eyebrows and eyelashes.

Skin color: warm or cold

Hair dye should not be chosen to match the tone of the skin, on the contrary, it should be beneficial to emphasize it.
Cool skin type. This type of skin are more suitable shades of dark brown and dark blond color.
Warm skin type. Skin with peach shade can safely be combined with all the bright and saturated colors. You can also change the image with the help of radical strokes-strands.
If the skin appears frequently blush, do not then use red shades. In this case, the useful options that conceal redness, give some pallor.
A person with a touch of earthiness is strictly forbidden to combine with hair color blonde. Allowed yellow or bright white accents, but only partially.
While some women areindependent search for the perfect hair color regularly faced with erroneous samples, consult with other specialists and make the right choice. Is it worth the risk if you can immediately proceed correctly, and most importantly - safe for itself ?!

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