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How to choose amulet for the kitchen


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The kitchen is considered the most important room in the house.

It is here that positive energy is generated and spread through the rest of the rooms.

Therefore, the kitchen must be protected from the negative and evil coming from outside.

For this purpose, there are amulets for the kitchen, which must be placed in the corners, where most often the bad energy is concentrated.

The role of amulets can be performed by ordinary kitchen accessories, foods and fresh flowers.

You will need

  • -aloe
  • -mortar
  • -pestle
  • -bow
  • -garlic
  • -pepper
  • -broom
  • -stick
  • -punch



Aloe has not only healing properties, but alsoHas a protective force. This plant reliably protects against penetration into the house of negative energy, contributes to the health of family members and the preservation of warm relations. Therefore, a pot of aloe is useful to keep on the kitchen sill. It is also good to apply aloe vera juice drops on the door or doorway in the kitchen, on the window sill, refrigerator or lash, so that the food is always in plenty and it was tasty and healthy.


Mortar and pestle has always been considered the most powerfulAmulets. Stupka personifies the feminine, pestle male. Together they give the house harmony, warm relations, understanding. The more often a mortar and pestle are used in the kitchen, the stronger they protect the housing from negative energy attracts well-being, prosperity and health.


Onion, garlic and pepper have always served excellentDefenders of the home from evil forces. To make the amulet, take a few bulbs, garlic and red pepper heads, tie them together and hang in the kitchen. You can use either of these components individually.


Broom is one of the oldest talismans. He is able to attract wealth, protect the home from evil energy, envy and slander. If you hang a broom with a panicle up it to riches, and down to protect from the negative from the outside.


Kitchen glove or pothook not onlyWill save your hands from a burn, but also will call for warmth, comfort and prosperity in your home. It is best to choose a pothole, which depicts a house or hostess, they are called to protect the dwelling, create a warm family relationship and coziness in the house. Most often this guard is attached near the stove.

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