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Charm Kitchen

The kitchen is considered the most important room in the house.

It is here that is born and spreads the remaining rooms of positive energy.

Therefore, the kitchen should be protected from the negative and evil coming from the outside.

For this purpose, are amulets for the kitchen that must be placed at the corners, where the bad energy centers more often.

The role of amulets can perform the usual kitchen accessories, products, and fresh flowers.

You will need

  • -aloe
  • -mortar
  • -pestle
  • -bow
  • -garlic
  • -pepper
  • -broom
  • -rukavichka
  • -prihvatka



Aloe not only it has medicinal properties, but alsoIt has a protective force. This plant is reliably protects against penetration into the house of negative energy, improves the health of family members and maintain cordial relations. Therefore, a pot of aloe vera is useful to keep on the kitchen windowsill. It is also good to put on a drop of aloe juice at the door or the doorway to the kitchen, on the windowsill, a refrigerator or a whip to food has always been in abundance, and it was tasty and useful.


Mortar and pestle have always been considered the most powerfulamulets. Mortar represents the feminine, masculine pestle. Together they give the house of harmony, warm relationship, understanding. The more often a pestle and mortar used in the kitchen, the more they protect housing from the negative energy attracts well-being, prosperity and health.


Onions, garlic and pepper always been excellentprotectors of the hearth from evil forces. To make a talisman, take a few onions, garlic cloves and red pepper, tie them together and hang it in the kitchen. One can use any of these components individually.


Broom is one of the oldest mascot. He is able to attract wealth, protect the home from evil power, envy and slander. If you hang up a whisk broom is to wealth and down for protection against negative outside.


Kitchen mitten potholder or not onlywill protect your hands from burns, but also call for warmth, comfort and well-being in your home. It is best to choose a tack, which depicts the house or hostess, they are intended to protect the home, creating a warm family relationships and comfort in the house. Most often, this amulet is attached near the stove.

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