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How to choose a grill

How to choose a grill

Camping is almost always accompanied by barbecue, barbecue and other dishes for a couple.

For this purpose the installation, which is called grill.

There are many varieties of grill - coal, gas, electric, etc.

Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.



The most common type of grill is grill Charcoal or wood, this type of grillIt refers BBQ. It has a compartment for coal or wood, which is covered by grating. Charcoal grill grate, usually for more uniform cooking height adjustable. Such grill may have a different shape and equipped with additional compartments and tables. Wood Burning grill produced from cast iron or from a thick metal, that allows it to withstand higher temperatures.


A variety of coal or wood-burning grilla smokehouse. The whole cooking process takes place in the smokehouse in a closed compartment, a source of fire can be located under the food (in this case, its use brazier like), and on its edges, with a special installation of the water tank.


Unlike species listed grill, a gas grill It has an open fire. His work is like a gas stove - the source of the fire is a cylinder, which is fueled by a special burners. A variation is a gas grill grill on lava - then grilled food is cooked on a pair of red-hot lava, which heats the gas hob.


Electric grill mainly used in the home and in restaurants, but can also be used outdoors, provided that the source of electricity.

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