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How to choose a grill


How to choose a grill</a>

Rest on the nature is almost always accompanied by the preparation of shish kebabs, barbecue or other dishes for a couple.

For this purpose, an installation called the grill is used.

There are many varieties of grilling - coal, gas, electric, etc.

Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.



The most common type of grill is grill On charcoal or on wood, to this type of grillIncludes a brazier. It has a compartment for coal or firewood, which is covered with a grate. Grate grill, as a rule, for more even cooking is regulated in height. Such grill Can have a different form and be equipped with additional compartments and tables. Woodburn grill Is made of cast iron or of thick metal, which allows it to withstand higher temperatures.


A variety of coal or wood grillIs a smokehouse. The entire process of cooking in the smokehouse occurs in a closed compartment, the source of fire can be located both under food (in this case, its use is similar to a brazier), and along its edges, with the installation of a special water tank.


Unlike the listed varieties of grilling, gas grill Has no open fire. Its work is similar to gas stoves - the source of fire is a balloon, with which special burners are kindled. A type of gas grill is grill On the lava - in such a grill the food is cooked for a couple of hot lava, which is heated by a gas hob.


Electric grill It is used mainly at home and in restaurants, but can also be used outdoors, provided there is a source of electricity.

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