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How to choose a good server


How to choose a good server

There are a large number of hosting companies that provide rental services for a dedicated server.

To select the most suitable machine foryour Internet project, you need to be guided by several criteria that will determine the quality of the purchased machine and the level of service provider.



Go to the website of the hosting provider, whichprovides the services of a dedicated server. Carefully study the proposed packages. A good company will work on the principle of "all inclusive" - ​​you will be given a choice of a large number of options. The features of the future server will be described in detail, and you will not have any questions regarding the management of software and hardware.


Decide on the type of server you wantuse. Among all the servers, you can mainly allocate VPS, VDS and Co-location. Virtual Private Server allows you to get full (root) access to the machine, which is managed remotely with the help of appropriate programs. This machine has several virtual servers under its control. Unlike usual hosting, this server is able to withstand a high volume of attendance per day and have more hardware resources to perform the required tasks.


Unlike VPS, VDS technology supportsfull virtualization. This means that the server hardware is at your disposal and you can install almost any software or operating system. VDS allows you to perform absolutely any configuration operations. The Co-location service provides the placement of the user's machine in the company's data center with full protection, prepaid traffic and 24-hour technical support.


Pay special attention to the geographical locationprovider. If you plan to launch an Internet service only for Russian users, it is best to choose a service provider located in Russia closer to the most populated points. If you plan to attract users from abroad, pay attention to servers in Germany, the US, etc.


Study the feedback of users about the selected service. Learn the performance of servers, the speed of its work. For technical details, you can contact the technical support service of the selected hosting provider.


Pay special attention to the proposedconfigurations of the server that you decide to rent or purchase. For example, if you are going to create a large Internet project with a high level of attendance, you will need the most powerful equipment. If you are going to use it as a file or database store, you should pay more attention to the bandwidth of the Internet channel and the available disk space.

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