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How to choose a good seedlings

How to choose a good seedlings

Grow the seedlings themselves - troublesome, sometimes thankless. And the seeds of selected high-quality, and prepared the ground, and the seeds sprouted in unison, but ... Seedlings suddenly gets out of our control.

Pulls, falls, dies, and time lost.

And we have the only one option - to buy seedlings.



Choosing the seedlings of cabbage, payfocus on the leaves, stem and roots. A good healthy seedling leaves are well colored, glossy, with a bluish bloom, firmly attached to the stalk. On the leaves, you can determine what will be the next head. If the leaves are large, and the head is large. The rounded shape leaves - cabbage will be rounded form. Oval head will give seedlings, if the leaves are elongated, elongated.
Slightly purple stalk suggests hardened seedlings. As a rule, such a strong root seedlings. This is the best seedlings.
It is important that the roots were homogeneous, white, juicy, without nodules, nodules, with no signs of clubroot.


Seedlings of pepper should have 8-12 leaves with smoothdistances between the leaves (internodes), to be stocky, with a strong stem. The color of the top of the peppers, the upper leaves, should be a little lighter than the lower leaves of plants. If the seedling is equally painted all the leaves of dark green color, so the seedlings will root. Or bright leaves -better such seedlings do not take. From flowering pepper seedlings should be abandoned. Pepper from relocation can reset the ovary. It is better to choose the seedlings with buds picked.


Seedlings of tomatoes is better to choose not height. Let it be stocky, well-leafy. The stem should be strong, with a thickness of a pencil.
Pay attention to the cotyledonary leaves. Low set, not stretched, podsemyadolnoe knee should be in good seedling short.
Leaf Color should not be very dark green, such seedlings considered overfed with nitrogen. And at the slightest cold snap will suffer.
Compared with peppers, tomatoes, you can choose to determine the floral brushes. They are not capricious.

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