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How to choose a good remedy blockages

How to choose a good remedy blockages

Sewer pipes are clogged not onlydue to improper use or carelessness, they just inconvenient structure itself tends to form clusters of fat or dirt that you can delete only a good tool for cleaning pipes.

Selection of composition

Traditionally, all imported and domesticagents are usually alkaline chemistry but different import milder, so they should be used for both new and worn for plastic pipes. Particular attention in the selection of such household chemicals should be paid to its active substances are listed on the label. If the instruction is written, the means can be washed off after 20 minutes after application, hence the concentration of active ingredients therein is increased.

Using tools for pipe cleaning, be sure to wear gloves, because the chemicals can damage the skin.

If funds specifies the term in the title"Prevention", which means that it is pointless to use when the stagnation of water. It can be poured only in clean tubes, where it will do its job to prevent blockages - but it can not increase the frequency and time of use, and it is necessary to wash off with plenty of water means.
You can also buy special sprayscleaning pipes of blockages that perform the procedure by means of compressed gas inside the balloon. It creates a clogged pipe in the strong current, which knocks the mud plug and demolishing everything in its path similar obstacles.

Is it better to buy

Not bad a proven track record for such meanscleaning pipes from clogging as Domestos from the company "Unilever", "Mr. Deux" by LLC "Euro-ABM", "Good Kit" from Company "Ecolife" and "Rowdy" from "Aqualon Group" LLC. Each of these tools has its own characteristics and may well help in a certain situation. To clean the pipes with stagnant water, you can use household chemicals CLOROX, substances that pass through the water layer and reach the blockage.

Remember that funds with a higher concentration of active substances can not be left in the pipes longer than specified in the instructions - destroying dirt and grease, they will begin to corrode the pipe itself.

Also showed excellent results "Mole Pink"from OOO «Himros" and German gel Tiret, which is well spread over the walls of the tube and dissolves the dirt on every millimeter of it. In addition, modern tools are available not only in liquid but also granules and powder. Liquid household cleaning products is often a means of emergency aid, while the rest of its species are more for prevention.

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