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How to choose a good makeup

How to choose a good makeup

Having bought the wrong clothes or shoes, it can be returned back to the store easily. With the makeup is, alas, impossible.

That there was no shame to tears because of the failure means you need to carefully choose cosmetics.

There is a stereotype that a good makeup - isexpensive cosmetics. On the one hand, there is a particle of truth, because for a quality product needs quality ingredients and good packaging. And it costs a lot of money to the manufacturer. On the other hand, focusing in the composition of cosmetics and knowing the rules of its choice, it is possible to find the perfect remedy among budget brands.

How to choose cosmetics for care

The first thing you need to look at the expiration dateproduct. If the manufacturer claims that the product can be stored for more than three years, it is likely, as a part of preservatives are present. Greater harm from them will not, but good, too.
Buying cosmetics for skin care, betterto give preference to a more or less natural composition. Shelf life of such assets may not exceed six months. Often manual says that they must be stored in a refrigerator.
High-quality cosmetics has not pronouncedstrong flavors and odors. The manufacturer has nothing to hide behind a strong flavor. Natural product has a light floral scent, or pharmacy, and a pastel shade.
Choosing the means to care for skin, carefullylook at the composition. It should not be a technical oils, only natural. The inscription on the label with the recommendation to shake agent before use means the absence of emulsifiers in the composition, which is also a plus.
Buying cosmetics for skin care, it is better to takemeans one brand. So they just get along with each other, increasing the efficiency of their use. And, of course, you need to choose cosmetics for your skin type.

How to choose cosmetics

With a choice of makeup a little more complicated, because in addition to the composition need to successfully choose the means of shade. Come to the aid testers and mirrors.
Choosing a foundation or powder, it is necessarytest the shade on the border of the chin and neck, or jaw. Collect two or three shades, as close to the skin tone, and light strokes, apply on the face. Then take the means which are least noticeable.
To select resistant blush or eye shadow,put them on your hand and rub gently with the other hand. This will help assess how quickly and easily erased cosmetics, as well as to see - how it will look. For example, some shade of dark colors in the middle of the day turn into "dirt" on the eyelids.
Select the quality lipstick or lip glosshelp tester. It is only necessary to remove the top layer of cloth before use. A good lipstick will form an even layer without cracks and underscores white bloom between her lips.
Ink testing is not recommended, because afterdozens of women to test it, to brush accumulate a lot of bacteria that can cause conjunctivitis. Choose mascara better reviews girlfriends or Internet users.

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