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How to choose a good laptop bag

Laptop bag should be comfortable, functional, easy, and most importantly - it must protect expensive equipment from humidity, street dust and mechanical damage.



The main criterion when choosing a laptop bagIt is the size of the equipment, determined by the length of the screen diagonal. Small netbooks will hang inside the case, designed for the model with 16-inch screen. And laptops with 17-inch display just does not vlezut bag, designed for a model with a screen 15 inches. Try buying at "try" to your laptop bag. If this is not possible, measure the length of the height and width of the house unit. Take a tape measure to the store and choose a case by checking its size if necessary.


The functional laptop bags. What is important is the availability of special pockets and compartments for the battery charger cable, mouse, flash drives, etc. External and internal small pockets have a zipper, so that their contents are not tumbled out.


Laptop bag should have a strapworn on the shoulder, as the weight of this accessory with a full load can reach 5-6 kg. Many stores offer special backpacks for laptops. Belts, webbing handles and these accessories should be broad enough so as not to cut into the body. Well if they are equipped with special padded with rubber inserts. Then the belts and straps will not slip off the shoulders.


Check the strength of the bag. Such a thing should be made of thick synthetic material, artificial or natural leather. The inner space of the case for high-quality equipment is securely insulated zipper and extra valve in the base material. Housing laptop bags is characterized by rigidity. It should not be easy to wrinkle and deform.


Make sure that the bottom wall of the bag and soft inside. The layer of cushioning material is needed to extinguish accidental knocks and bumps while driving. Before buying check the tightness of all fasteners, fixings and quality welds.

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