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How to choose a good laminate for apartments

How to choose a good laminate for apartments

Laminate the perfect choice among other coatings for the floor, but only if it is selected correctly.

What are the parameters of the laminate affect this choice?

What is laminate I wrote earlier. Now let's look at how to choose a good laminate for your apartment, so as not needed to redo the floors through two or three years after the end of the repair.

Most often it is a floor covering our peopleselected for its ability to simulate the parquet, but for more money available than the cost of high-quality flooring. Moreover, stacking the laminate is simpler than parquet. However, we must bear in mind the following criteria for the selection of laminate:

  • Durability. The higher the number, indicating the value, the higher the wear resistance of the laminate. However, for normal apartments do not have to spend money on the most wear-resistant material designed for public spaces, enough to laminate with a small margin of safety (for example, small offices).
  • Moisture. Constant contact with water destroys the usual laminate flooring, so it is not recommended to use in areas where high humidity is expected (bathrooms, kitchens), but you can find the types of water-resistant laminate. However, the price of such a laminate is higher than normal.
  • Shock. Impact-resistant laminate resists better to the female pins, and claws of animals, the fall of heavy objects.
  • laminate price depends not only on thethe above parameters, but also by the brand manufacturer, decor. Usually there are three price classes - economy class, middle class and premium. If you want to not only affordable, but high quality floor covering, it is worth looking into options of the middle class, because the economy class is usually not of high quality and on such coverage can spend money for nothing.

So, what to buy laminate flooring? The main thing - to decide what room it will be used, this decision will affect the price of laminate, its additional features. It is also important to choose a laminate with a view of the overall design concept of decoration of the room.

How to choose a good laminate for apartments

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