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How to choose a good laminate for an apartment


How to choose a good laminate for an apartment</a>

Laminate is an excellent choice among other floor coverings, but only if it is chosen correctly.

What parameters of the laminate affect this choice?

What is the laminate I already wrote earlier. Now let's look at how to choose a good laminate for your apartment so you do not have to redo the floors in two to three years after the repair is finished.

Most often this floor covering is our peopleChoose for its ability to imitate natural parquet, but for more affordable money than a quality parquet board. Moreover, laminate laying is more simple than parquet. However, we must remember the following criteria for choosing a laminate:

  • Wear resistance. The larger the digit denoting this parameter, the higher the wear resistance of the laminate. However, for a regular apartment, you do not need to spend money on the most wear-resistant material intended for public premises, it will be enough to have a laminate with a small margin of safety (for example, for small offices).
  • Moisture resistance. Constant contact with water destroys the ordinary laminate, so it is not recommended to use in rooms where higher humidity is expected (bathrooms, kitchens), however, moisture resistant laminate types can be found. However, the price for such a laminate is higher than for a conventional one.
  • Shock resistance. The impact resistant laminate is better counteracted by the influence of female hairpins, as well as the claws of animals, the falling of heavy objects.
  • The cost of laminate depends not only onThe above parameters, but also from the brand of the manufacturer, decor. Usually, three price classes are distinguished: economy class, middle class and premium class. If you need not only affordable, but also high-quality flooring, it is worthwhile to focus on middle-class options, because the economy class is usually not of high quality and it is worth wasting money for such a cover.

So, which laminate to buy? The main thing - decide in which room it will be operated, this decision will affect the price of the laminate, its additional characteristics. It is also important to choose a laminate taking into account the overall design concept of finishing the room.

How to choose a good laminate for an apartment

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